Monday, March 7, 2011

Round-a-bout we go.....

Mt Horeb, known for trolls, the world reknown Mustard Museum and now round-a-bouts. Seriously folks, this is a sleepy little town with barely any traffic. I just don’t understand the need for this traffic nightmares. Four just going into town before the first gas station! All four are different sizes and shapes. The Ms swears that’s where the trolls live-in the round-a-bouts that is. I told her that some of them were there and some more in other snowy woodsy lands.

Dog show weekend, that’s what took us on a scenic tour of Wisconsin. On the way up, I took a detour to show The Ms the state capital in Madison where all the hub bub has been going on with the Unions, Governor and legislature. Gotta make it educational when you travel on a school day!

Freezing rain on Friday night, then an inch of snow during the night. Makes the hotel parking lots fun. WI DOT does well with the main roads. First time up at this showsite and it’s not bad. Parking sucks, but you have to work with it, I guess. I grumbled my opinion all the way on my 5 mile hike from the Big Tow. And yes, the Big Tow is back in action. Needs new plugs now but that’s workable. U joints is the next big fix. Then it’s for sale!!!!!

Shelley stayed with us for the weekend and we had some great discusions about this that and the other. Dogs all got along well-intact males sleeping right beside each other-never meet each other before either.

Saturday Charlie acted like Big Nicky—hates being outside the ring but inside, wee haaa, tail up and wagging, good ears. He did well and won his class of 2. That’s all I can ask for at his first show. But the big news is that rePete of the Pointy Head took WB then BOW for a cross over 4 pt major!!!! One more darn major and that pain is done. She’s not really a pain, just super silly and loves the whole show thing, but that pointy little head……

It was also really awesome to see some great people! Liz and her daughter were up to see Charlie. They are owned by Maxwell(formerly James) of the Dirty Dozen. Charlie got tons of hugs and scratches. Then Pam, owned by Arlo, Leonard(Pete’s brother) and rescue Ike, was up to see our good friend Dr Deb show valhunds. Congrats to Dr Deb on finishing Trisket!! Looked great in the group ring too. Pam got handed Peterman’s lead while I was in with Charlie. Said Pete keeps a very keen eye on me with other dogs but was ever the lady. Not sure if being a lady is really in her dept, but hey, she puts on a good front.

Sunday dawned with a late ring time-thank you dog show goddess! The Ms had a dog change in juniors due to a ring conflict with cardigans. Guess who it was?? MOOSE!!! He was so happy to not just go to a show and look pretty but to actually play show dog. Unfortunately, he’s now on a diet. Talk about show slug—yeah, he’s big but until you really look at them out in the ring you don’t realize that he’s a little tubby. Okay so he’s not swimming in fat but a couple pounds lost wouldn’t hurt him. The juniors judge even asked the Ms if he was a table dog to which she said yes(first indication that the judge doesn’t know a cardigan and that the Ms will get docked points for her “bad front” feet placement). Then the judge said, oh he’s so big, the Ms-he’s just large for the standard. Then she almost dropped him getting him on the table.

They shared KFC chicken strips in the ring. She lost a couple of fingers. But overall, they looked good. A few things to fix-his weight, getting him to extend over himself and not gallop around the ring. They’ll all have fun during Merlot’s maternity leave.

Sunday-nothing in cardigans. Can’t figure this judge but that’s okay, I know enough not to show to him again. Charlie once again won his class and Chip was RWD to the major. Not bad for their first weekend out.

Now the best part is hanging out in the grooming area during the show. We found a gal who does the bling leads and she’s deconstructing an old lead of mine that I love the beads on but hate the leather. We’ll pick it up at a later show. We made friends with some great malamute people as well as the basset contingent at the show. We did though, have a group behind us that was hot. Collie people can be a little touchy. It was something about no shows and majors and what not. Names discussed and boy, I was glad to have at least one show where I didn’t have a collie with me. Eeek! The labs had a specialty and the WB on Sunday did something big-I think finished and you had a huge roar when the judge pointed and people jumping and hugging and crying. Super cool too-the dog’s got a hunt title on it too. That's really what the shows are about-having fun with friends.

Raffles-won nothing but the funds went to some great health causes. New cardigan socks for my footies. And I have to save up for this guy who makes the most awesome PVC xpens and whelping boxes. My Christmas list has started early this year.

On the way back we did more educational side trips-drove to and along Lake Michigan for awhile, saw the huge veterans cemetery and went past Miller Park, home of the Brewers. Got home late, so happy to be in my chair with a good cup of tea. Abbey was happy to see me, Eddie was beyond happy to see us, he was squealing.

So what do we do now—repeat it all again in a week! I haven't been to a show in so long, I forget what it takes to get there and back. This time around Alec's driving!

Later gators..

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Winjammin' said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Pete must be starting to take after her father in the silly, loving the show ring, pointy head dept. LOL But you GOTTA love those silly ones!! :o)