Monday, January 31, 2011

For the Eddie fans

I know you are out there, you sick devils you! Oops, that includes me-HA! Come one now, how could you not love that face??? Sherilyn--Eddie says I wuv u!

Okay a little more civilized photo of the blue bear.....again, just in from chasing girls outside, totally ungroomed and hungry for the bait his human girlie has. Eddie is just a little over 4 yrs old now.
Later gators..


Ashley said...

Awww! Love this guy...he's so awesome. =)

Sherilyn said...

Just wait til he gives you those "Eddie eyes", Ashley! hehe Eddie knows I love him, just not the way he loves me! But his Dad, Picasso, is about the same as his son...for some reason they really "love" me! LOL

Ashley said...

Lol...I never got that look from him when we visited...just love! Maybe I'm not special enough. ;-) hehe I am used to it though...our cat Titus creeps me out too. I swear he was a human in a past life because he is that creepy. He looks at me through the bathroom mirror in the mornings and glares! haha