Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching up

David and Meredith are back to work and school after their vacation. But my office isn't. A little remodeling or as I call it, deconstruction, was done and that's all there is, deconstructed office. New and bigger filing cabinet, move shelves, move desk, install new computer, download on new external hard drive all the important stuff, send stuff to storage in the basement, etc, etc, etc.

What I have is a path from the dog room to the garage door, around the filing cabinet, book case, boxes of books, etc. And that would be the reason that I haven't been posting, because I can't find my desk!

In the meantime, here's a few updates on the Dirty Dozen. I do have some photos at home to scan in of Harry(Boo x Marg), Buddy, Annie and Tannet(Abbey x Russ) and Shooter-who is now with Colleen and Murphy in WI. Those will come in a while--when I finally find the scanner too.
This is Gryffin(formerly Adolph) who lives in IL with Heather the vet tech. From her emails he and his partners in crime-Angus and Maddie, are quite the group. He also loves going to work and playing with the vet's 2 goldens for hours.
This is the lovely Annie(Beverly). Isn't she just the prettiest little girl? Kim tells me that she's the brains while her brother Tannet, is the brawn.
And this is the brawn of the two. Still quite the handsome man.
And how can I forget the Chipster. Now I'm supposed to put a disclaimer on these photos from Shelley, that they are taken with her crappy camera and with no help. So she stacks him, steps back and shoots. Can't wait to get him out in the show ring this spring!
O M G does that not look like his father or what??? I see a few judges doing double takes when both of them are in the ring together!
Later gators...


Kathleen said...

Oh boy, the Chipster does look like his Daddy Russ, but I bet he will outweigh Russ. Scary.

Sherilyn said...

Can't believe how quickly they are all growing up!