Friday, December 3, 2010

Spending money

David and I have some fun conversations at night. Earlier in the week he was all excited about the NASA news conference refering to life on other planets. Okay, so it didn't turn out like he hoped(little green men and all) but in a twist it was exciting to know that the limits we put on how life an exist, are about to be stretched.

As we are also looking at spending more money on a new "dog bus", there have been some interesting articles out about millionaires and their spending habits. Like more normal people, I have a mortage, kids in college, soon to be going to college child, work to support my dog habit and we have economized more in the last couple of years. Cook more, leftovers for lunch. Carpooling to work. Recycling most of our garbage. Love doing the thrift and consignment shop thing. Looking into solar for the house, windturbines on the property, etc. But what was most interesting is what the billionaires have to offer the rest of us as to how they spend their money, especially on vehicles.

Did you know that only 23.5 percent of millionaires own a new car and 25.2 percent have not purchased a vehicle at all in the last four years. Millionaires don’t mind driving older cars. The masses who are in debt, love owning new vehicles that cost $25,000+. Meanwhile, they can’t make their minimum car payments. Example, Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of the Swedish furniture and home goods company IKEA, drives a 1993 volvo. Or Jim Walton, CEO of Arvest Bank, Youngest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton, drives a 2002 Dodge Dakota Pickup. Part of the reasoning is that a new car will not be worth what is was in a few years. Insurance is considerably more and in all honesty, the quality just isn't what it was!

David recently sold his old pickup, a 98 GMC and got a new-to-him 2000 GMC with a larger cab. Various reasons for the upgrade. But what was most interesting was that when he sold the older truck, the blue book value was within $100 of what it was a few years ago and he sold it for only $500 less then he paid for it 4 years ago.

On to our current mission of finding the perfect "dog bus". I want another suburban. I've had 2 now and the tahoe is okay but just not enough room. I'd love to have a van or an element, but driving on gravel roads out in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle just prohibts that train of thought. I'm pretty specific about what I want too. Rear air and heat are a must. Extended version with the removable 3rd row seat. Has to have a tow package on it and 4wd. Nothing newer then a 2000 as they changed the body style and you loose 6" or more in inside width(very important when it comes to putting crates in it) and a couple of the new models are higher off the ground and lose some rear head clearence inside too. I don't want to have to lift a dog any higher then needed into the back. Color, could care less but I did love the last one I had-the gold burb. I've had my eye on a nice green one in town too. The best part, my dad's a car dealer on the side. So I'm going to get a good deal, have a great warranty on it and have a lot of options to look at.

I might not be a millionare, billionaire or whatever yet, but I'm sure going to take some advice from them. They didn't get where they are or stay that way by buying for status, one up's manship but instead were practical.

Later gators...


Frink Lemur said...

My little hatchback is almost overwhelmed with two samoyeds and a corgi, and suppourt kit, helmet, and soon to have a sprint dogsled and skis on top.

I've been attracted to the Ford UK Transit micro-vans that made it to the states finally this year, but the new car cost/premium is too excruciating to bear.

Cindy said...

Totally getcha on that one! We used to go to shows with two dogs, kids and David's lumina sedan. That's when we went to the suburban.

There's still some really nice midsized wagons out there that might be just what you need. I'm the person who loves finding old treasures-cars, radios, etc. New-to-me is the best!

Sherilyn said...

Hard to believe Rus & I started out 7 years ago with the Toyota Rav4, had the Samoyed, Duchess and Ruby. We traded that in for the Tahoe, 3 years down the road outgrew that and went to the Suburban. Can't see anything smaller than that in the near future! LOL Dang addictive hobby! :) But we wouldn't have it any other way. Too many good friends/family met through dog shows. :D

Good luck in your search!

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