Friday, December 10, 2010

In the genes?

Granted it's not the mini-me(he's up in MN going to his first fun match this weekend) but this is like way too scary!

Kim----might you have the matching photo?????

This is Maxwell(aka James of the Dirty Dozen). His mom, Liz, sent this to me today and I choked on my tea when I saw the photo. This litter takes after their father in so many ways, it really concerns me. I'm now waiting for someone to relay a Christmas present story.

Maxwell is doing great by the way. He has the tunnels down in agility as well as played on the bobble board for a little bit. Not a care or fear in the world. Way to go Liz and Maxwell!!!

Update: I found the link to Kim's blog post about Russ and his love of the dishwasher. Take a look. Like I said, scary isn't it?

Later gators...


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

OMG!!!!! That is HILARIOUS!!!!
Ruffles is very proud that his off spring are carrying on rightful traditions.

Wonder if he will be the sticky with tape pup?

Cindy said...

Not sure about that but the lovely Luna girl likes to read Marth Steward Living. I guess she liked the turkey on the front cover! Flipped the pages until she found a recipe she liked and tore it out.