Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wanted to send a quick shot out to DwarfDog and her cast of crazy canines! Such a small world that we live in, she's owned by one of the Musie x Russ kids from 2009. Welcome!

Always great to see where Russ kids are and what they are up to these days. Recent emails have told me that some of the Dirty Dozen are up to no good in the hinter lands. Maxwell(formerly James) is charming all at obedience training classes and looks to be the star in his STAR puppy class. Then Indiana crew are disappointed that their Hawkeyes didn't fair as well towards the end of the football season and Drew out in IA/NE is a total goof ball-just what his dad wanted.

Can't leave the post without an update on Ruffles Jr aka Chipster. Yeah, he's his dad two times over. Got Shelley wrapped around his little paw. Should be making his ring debut later in Decemeber at his first fun match. Oh can I see the many shades of his daddy blossoming shortly.

Hugs to all!
Later gators...

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