Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cat

Did I mention that we have a cat. Just one mind you. And yes it's a house cat. She was "adopted" from a friend who was moving to TX. Daisy had been raised with a rough collie(Clairee's aunt) and a psycho border collie. We knew she would fit in just fine. Pheoebe as ever, is in charge of herding her to her proper place-the Ms' bedroom. Marg also inherited that trait as well as Dove.

We tried to get some photos of her sitting on the island waiting for the sharks to attack but alas, didn't work. Most of the time she hangs out just on the other side of the gate and teases. Eats Marg's dog food--Marg won't chase her off and can also be found rubbing against the crates in the dog room, while there are dogs in them. Just a joy to have around, sort of.

Did I also mention David is NOT a cat person?

Later gators....

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