Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annie--you're fired!

Okay folks here's the news. First off Annie is fired. She helped with the breeding and those magic fingers are too magical for us.

Emergency c-section at Dr Meier's because Doc happened to be out of town and not available till later today. First puppy was stuck and not moving at all.

18 hands on deck--THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! Alisa, Sheila, Tim and his mom. Annie, Chuck, Mom , Dad, Dick and then the four of us. Terra and the other vet tech from Doc's and then Dr Meier's staff.

And here's why.............12 puppies! Yes you read it right, 12. We didn't loose a one, even Ms stuck puppy.

Counts--and another reason Annie is fired. 10 boys-all brindle, 1 splitface mismark. 2 girls-1 brindle(ms stuck puppy) and 1 b/w splitface mismark. We have some awesome markings, lots of white ears, body splashes, white psots and cool markings on their necks. No Ruffle Buns full brindle legs though.

I will try to get photos up later today. Abbey is doing okay, could be better. She lost a lot of blood and the puppies are sucking her dry. We are supplementing as needed and they are all squeaking, moving and doing very well.

Me, I'm off for a shower. Alec, down for a nap. Meredith is going to work on some bottle feeding shortly and then we start it all over again.

later gators....


Holly said...

I am so happy that all (WOW - 12!) are doing well! CONGRATS> Praying that Abbey recovers quickly.

penni said...

12 -- and mostly boys -- sheesh! I'm glad you saved them all though and hope you get a chance to catch up on some sleep.oveirl

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

I am praying Abbey recovers quickly. She is a strong girl! Twelve Ruffle puppies! Yeah!!! Dang though was really hoping for another full stocking! I love the pics I have seen...beautiful markings. Oh and we owe Connie 12 candy bars for her role in this massive litter.

Frogmorest said...

12!!! Holy man!!!!! Congrats!!!