Friday, July 9, 2010

Two down, four to go

Two days of the fair are now in the history books. Good, bad and ugly. Four left-ugh.

Wednesday as noted before was static exhibit judging, poultry entry and horse and pony game show.

Static exhibits were so-so. The ugly part is that it took ALL DAY for her to get her six entries judged. With a few errors on our part with horticulture and well just the fact that we knew the entries weren't as good as they could have been-blame the weather, she walked away with 3 red ribbons. Rockets-humid weather is not what you want when painting rockets. So the shells and fins were a little rough, made for red ribbons also. But her animal science dog project got a blue! So after umteen hours of waiting, judging, and now the Ms has to rush around with other deadlines looming, she is bordering on heat stroke and a major migraine.

Ducks are sorted, loaded and transported to the fair grounds, with a slight protest from the horse also loaded in the front of the trailer-heehee, serves him right! Duck entry is large this year and the whole show is huge too. Over 370 entries, once again largest poultry show in Iowa.

Horse show went great. Only one kid had to bale off, no injuries to report. Torey took it all in stride, being his first offical show. Meredith was battling a migraine by the time her egg-n-spoon class was up. I think she was happy to drop her egg early on but she actually made it to the 1/2 way point! Not too bad for their first time.

So the end of Day 1. Back home, meds for her headache, unload what we can before the heavens open up and down pour on us. And yes it did rain. North of us 7 1/2 inches in 4 hours. The biggest issue is that all that rain is heading into the Wapsi, which runs past the fairgrounds and crest is expected 5 feet over flood stage, on Saturday or Sunday. Could be a little wet on the grounds.

Day 2-poultry show. I have to give a big hand to Jackie, John and Georgia for running a great program. Judging finished 5 hours ahead of time or 5 hours earlier then last year's record 13 hr show. 2 judges helped a lot. The Ms and Dad spent the day up there, I came up in the afternoon. Great kids, great parents and loads of fun.

Happy to report that the Ms won the Overall Best Pair with her Indian Runners. Then went on to win all blues in the light ducks, winning best of breed and Best Light Duck with her runners. The med weight ducks got blues for the anconas, red of the khaki(he just isn't as nicely colored as he could be right now). The Cayuga got a blue in the heavy duck class.

She also won the Chicken Bingo at the end of the show, a couple cool door prizes and was happy, no super happy with her results of the day. Next year she has bigger and better plans with the runners.

There was also some plotting and planning going on between Meredith and Anna(lives up the road). Seems I might be inheriting a bantam rooster so some sort. My only condition was that the swap occur with the exchange of a duck for the chicken. What have I gotten myself into???

So now it's a day off, sort of. Tomorrow is draft horse. Sunday dog show. Monday horse show. Dogs to wash, horses to clip and wash. House to clean. Lawn to mow--no that will wait.

Later gators...


penni said...

I can only read your goings-on after I've had a good night's sleep :) Now I need a nap. Keep it up, you're an inspiration.

Sherilyn said...

Congratulations to Ms. M! Sounds like she's had a great showing, and more to go. Best of luck to all! Sorry we'll miss it this year, we had a blast the year we were there for the dog showing. Tell Christopher hello from both of us, please.

Hugs to all!