Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tower climbing

We went on a little tour this morning to see what the fair grounds status was, considering all the water around here. If you haven't heard, the earthen levee at Lake Delhi on the Maquekota River broke about 1pm yesterday. That created a mess-boats, docks, houses, all lost in the water. Now it's headed down river to Monticello and the Great Jones County Fair Grounds. Yeah, it's under water. Stix's(sp?) concert was cancelled as well as a lot of other events.

Anyway, Central City is on the Wapsi, just the next river down and no less effected. Our favorite DQ is under water in Independence. Fair grounds are okay in CC but it's still not crested yet.

Detour after looking at the grounds and I hate steps. There's a reason I don't have a stair climber. But the Ms wanted to go up for a view of the area.
Pinicon Ridge Park is a county park in our area. Great place to lay tracks for the dogs, hike, huge sledding hill in the winter, great campgrounds along the river-when it's in it's banks and this HUGE observation tower where you climb like 20, 000 stories to the top. Okay not that far but it's a hike. The Ms has some good photos on her camera I'll try to get up later.

I'm now tired and my legs feel like jello.
Later gators....

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