Friday, July 23, 2010

So many Barkdays!!!!!!!!1

It seems like most of my dogs are born during the summer. Those lucky breeders, summer puppies are the easiest!

So here we go:

To the May baby--rePete. Reminder she is a girl! Our little patriotic kid that turned a year old at the end of May.
To the June kids(I think I already did a post on them but what the heck):

Margie's kids: Dove and Frankie are now 2! Wow. This was the 2am c-section litter. Eghads, Doc still doesn't let me live that one down.
Phoebe--the grand dam of the entire cardigan chaos. Turned 9, yes 9 this summer. She's still going strong, herding the cat, climbing into the horse pasture for yummies and then wandering through the cow pasture for more before sitting at the gate asking to be let back in.
To the July kids:
Lace survived her ordeal this spring and is now totally spoiled and turned 8 this year. She most certainly doesn't show it at all. Not one grey hair, heehee, but how can you tell, she's a blue merle aka the evil blue dog. Sleeps on her own full sized bed and takes so much pleasure in torturing the other dogs in the house.
Margie's first litter--the Alcohol litter! To Ruffles, Lila, and the rest of the gang out there. It's hard to believe they are three already.
Ace-uh, yes, remember him? That would be Alec's graduation present from Randy. An ugly little dog(rough black brussels griffon). Needs to learn to talk like a real dog. He loves to have his nails dremeled-loves it and begs for it. Waits in line while I do another dog then jumps in my lap and says me. Looks like a mini-wookie right now, seriously needs to be clipped. Fun, odd and turns 5 in July. No picture of him, how the heck do you take a picture of a black dog without him looking like just a blob? I'll work on that this weekend.

Fred aka Garbage Gut aka Grandpa. The other half of the cardigan chaos beginnings. He still insists on having his opinion heard, taking over the pool rights from Eddie and getting as much trouble as he can. Sleeping upside down, which in turn gives his thick coat a part down the center and the air foil on his butt. A boy's best friend and turns 9 at the end of this month.
Last but by no means least, the perfect dog turns 11. It's so hard to see them grow old but this one does it gracefully and with attitude. Happiest of Barkdays to our Mary Poppin's dog, Clairee Bear. Someone coined that term on her years ago and it is the perfect description of this collie girl. I just don't know what my life would be like with out her. She's the Ms' security blanket, scarer of monsters in the basement, hunter of dropped morsels in the kitchen, welcoming committee for all who enter Foggy Bottom and above all, pleasantly perfect in every way. In all of my life, she's the one dog that I will never be able to replace, nor do I ever want to. She's a little deaf and a little adsent minded now, but hey, it's her right. And she celebrated her birthday as the usual tradition, going to fair.
So there we go, a summer full of barkdays. We tend to celebrate them all at once, a little icecream after everyone leaves from the corgi frap. I love each and everyone of them and don't know what my life would be with out them!

Later gators.....

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Sherilyn said...

Happy Barkday to all the summer kids! (That also includes our Bear (June), Boo (July), and Dreamy (Aug).) They are all spoiled in their own way, and we wouldn't have it any other way, would we? :)