Monday, July 12, 2010

It's not done yet, ugh

10" of rain in the horse arena means that the last day of Fair is not today. Not sure when the horse show will be rescheduled but it had better not be this weekend, the Ms will have to skip.

But anyway, Day 3 of the fair, was nothing. I went to work, David went to work, Meredith and Alec cleaned house. I didn't have to think about fair!

Day 4 was the draft horse pull. Old Glory went up for a breed demo and we had a blast cheering on our favorite team-Pete and Barney, a pair of Belgians owned by the Miller's of MO. They've been there for a couple of years now and are awesome to watch. The heaviest team in the pull at a combined weight of 3600 lbs. But they got 2nd :( They did win last year. There was also an 11 year old boy who had his own team. He was good as were his horses. Now the Ms wants a pulling team--I hate to say this but I wouldn't mind doing something like that too.

At the end of Day 4, two showers later, we then spent the evening tearing down goat pens and setting up for the dog show. Dinner was served at 10pm and then I died and went to bed, after shower #3.

Day 5-DOG SHOW!!! The kids and dogs all did great. Meredith and Merlot won their first Best In Show!!! Beating out the winner in the senior division who had won for the last 2 years. They were on their game and the black menace aka little shit actually stood still for a millisecond.

Obedience, well, Mr Moose was admiring his adoring public and barely managed a qualifying score--lets just say his recall needs a little more work, again. He was hamming it up for the crowd and Ms had to call a 2nd MOOSE to which he went, oh that's right, you want me to come. Meredith totally gets his personality and just laughed it off. What else can you do with a hambone of a dog? 2nd place in Novice A which means they are now off to Grad Novice next year.

Agility was a riot. We had good runs, we had bad runs and we had rain. Buckets. Torrential rain. So bad you couldn't hear Tim count time on the table. Your dog couldn't hear your commands and we halted the show for a little bit. Moose, was well Moose. He did great, 2nd place and the Ms said that some of it was just her not giving the right handling command. Total goof and I think I see Lace getting pulled back in for some agility and obedience.

We had kids that worked a lot with the dogs. We had kids that didn't. We also had kids and parents that didn't read the rules or didn't listen to the instructions given. Not sure but the biggest concern I have is focus--kids working on dog's focus and kid's focusing on their dogs. Ah yes, the project for next year's classes.

Overall, not a bad show. I have some great committee members, awesome parents and great kids to work with. That's what's kept me going for 10 years now. I had a great chat with the Black Hawk dog program person and they have maybe 6 kids each year. She was so impressed with the # of dogs and overall involvement we have. Then asked how we do it? I have no idea but I know after this year, I've already got 5 new kids and dogs coming in!

Now back to work.... I need a vacation from my vacation.

Later gators.....


Sherilyn said...

Sounds like a fun weekend (other than the bad weather, but all you can do is roll with that, right?) BIG congrats to Ms. M and the Merlot!! Whooooo Hoooooo!! Way to go ladies! :) I'm so proud of the way Meredith has worked with LS and has her showing! Now if we could just get her blue sister to stand still for a few moments!

Good luck with the rest of the events...hope the weather holds out!


Dawn said...

Sounds like Meredith is doing a great job. Congrats!

ClassyChassy said...

Was hoping you'd have pictures posted - sounds like a good time!