Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is it over yet?

I doubt that you ever have those events that are planned way in advance, then they get here and you can't wait for them to be over, do ya?

Not that I want it to be over, but the chaos is enough to drive me nuts. Yes folks, it's county fair time and the next week will be NUTS!

Today is static exhibits, which means rockets. I'll try to get some photos tonight when I go up. The Ms has two rockets this year, no 2 stagers-thank GOD! She feels that after the last doomed launch with a high flyer, that smaller engines and lower heights is good. The one is called Baby Bertha and is a big fat squat rocket that parachute recovers. The other is a little knat like one that is a tumble recovery-very cute and the entry tag is bigger then the rocket. If the weather holds then launch is at noon, but it's not looking good - sky's are heavy with rain today.

Let's see, oh there's horticulture exhibits too. Heirloom lettuce and some herbs. The garden isn't growing as fast as last year so not as much to enter.

Game show for horses today. The ducks are donating eggs for Egg-N-Spoon. Again, arena is a wallow, so not sure if they will run the show or not.

Ducks get entered today too. Right now it looks like 2 ancona drakes in the med weight class, 1 cayuga in the heavy weight, and 6 runners for the light weight classes. Then pairs. They raised the limit on entries and added classes-just for the ducks and the Ms this year so she could participate more. Alec's helping set up those this afternoon.

Then it's Poultry show tomorrow-that's an all day into evening event.

Friday is get horses ready for draft horse pull demo on Saturday. Saturday is set up for dog show, after the goat show is done. Then Sunday dog show, Monday horse show.

And now you know why I'm wondering if we are done yet???

Later gators...

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Sherilyn said...

Good luck on everything! It sounds more like a suicide mission to me! LOL