Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christmas in....June? CSN giveaways galore

If you haven't been following the blogs, there's prizes to be had everywhere!

Check out Laura and Cooper at http://coopercreekcardigans.blogspot.com/ for a $40 drawing for CSN stores.

I'm a little late but Sarah over at http://hawkswedishvallhund.blogspot.com/ had one too. I think her's ended last night.

BUT.....keep searching, the word is that there are more drawings in the near future on various blogs.

PS--this just in, if you head over to the other Sarah blogs, http://hurrikanecardis.blogspot.com/ and http://hurrikanepuppy.blogspot.com/ there will be more give aways!!!!! Wooo Hoo--enter soon--don't let Laura hog all the prizes! heehee-she's on a winning streak!

Later gators....


Sarah said...

That's right! The Hurrikane Chronicles and Hurrikane Puppy blogs will be posting giveaways today and tomorrow. These will run through the weekend! Lots of chances to win $$ for buying dog stuff!!!

Sarah said...

The Vallhund blog giveaway just ended last night, but two more chances coming right up!