Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ah summer vacation

Or at least I think I need one, just like Meredith. A weekend is not enough.

I found my garden-with the recent rains and warm weather the weeds have just gone nuts. So after 4 hours of weeding, I have a garden again. Still some more to do-till around all the hills of squash and cukes. Carrots are just coming up so can't week those yet and I did a late planting of beans, so those wait another week too. And yes, it's a larger garden then last year, which makes it a huge garden this year.

Inbetween garden and yard work, we've been mobbed by barn swallows. The garage door is open and well, they love it. And they are territorial of their new digs-dive bombing us, chatting up a storm. And it's not just the garage, you can get attacked in the barn too. David's been working on installing windows in his new tackroom and he's had to watch out for a robin and a couple swallows all weekend long. One time he had to leave as they were actually pecking at him.

Severe weather through last night. Hoping Sheryl is okay as Monmouth has some tornado warnings out. Maquekota has a tornado hit the north side of the town and a little north of us along the county line, there were some straight line winds.

And the evil blue dog met her match--an electric fence. See the north fence line has an electric fence on the cow herd side. Corgis can run under it and have learned how to tuck their tails. On our creek walk today, Moose disobeyed orders and went bunny chasing into the cow pasture-luckily they were all at the other end of the field. Lace went to investigate and well, a yipe later, she was convinced that the fence was no longer a friend. Hey, no harm done and she learned a lesson about never believing a word a cardigan says about it being safe to cross a fence.

Alec went to the Fargo shows, hoping Ms Marg could do something, nah. It's so frustrating when the dog is nice, but walks in the ring with an attitude that showing is evil. Man, those two points are going to haunt us, but we decided that that's the goal for the summer. Like showing or not, Marg will get finished and that means every show we can think about sending her to. Ugh. Ruff took select dog for a 5 pt major on Saturday during the supported entry and Lydia took breed twice and made cuts in the group both times. Oh Dawn's Peace took select dog one day and Music was RWD all weekend long. I hate to say that it's the red dog curse but it seems to be that way. It's hard when a judge can't look past a color to a better structured dog. Some judges it's red, some it's blue and yes some it's brindle. We've run into that a lot this year. One judge was all b/w and another defaulted to blue. Shame on them.

This week is quieter then last, sort of. 4-H horse fun show at the end of the week, Meredith starts riding lessons in the evenings. Dog classes, meetings, and the typical house work and cleaning.

Hope everyone else had a productive weekend and hey, maybe we can work on being like the Eurpeans and take some time out for a summer holiday?

later gators....

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Garrett808 said...

I'm just catching up with everyone's blogs (shame on me I know!)

Were you commenting that the judges in Fargo were swayed by color over structure, or did I read that wrong? The placements seemed fairly consistent and I thought for the most part the judges did a good job.