Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okay, what now?

It's been a weird couple of weeks around here. Weather, dogs, kids, and hubby. I'm not complaining but man, I'm so happy to be home and yes, ready to start a real work week.

Earlier in the week I sent some photos to Dawn. Said I need a fresh eye. You know how it is, you're around the dogs day in and day out. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you what you are missing. Dawn now has the right to kick me in the butt when I doubt-more on that later.

Marshalltown show-love it, hate it, but we seem to be there every year. This year some little old lady, let us hang out with her and her ugly little push face dogs. Yes she openly admits to be little, old and well, says she's usually a mean lady but there are times that she's nice--but don't push it. Meredith showed her first french bulldog, a puppy named Missy. What a pair they make. The old lady-Sheryl, had the male puppy and he made a sight of himself on the table when the judge gave him a good ear scratching-too cute for words. Alec had the cutest little palamino pie frenchie and well, the judging gods were smiling--took BOB both days out of the classes with her. The little old lady was happy.

The joke on the "little old lady" term is that yes, Sheryl is short. Alec is a giant next to her and she is always having him get stuff in the RV that she can't reach. The old-she's talking about being too old for dog showing. Never too old as long as you enjoy it, is what I told her. Lady--heehee, she prides herself on a no nonsense attitude-what you see is what you get and if you don't like it, so what. Last show she was "nice" and hung out to watch Meredith to juniors. That's okay, she made up for it later by being a mean lady and, well, we won't get into that, but she was back to her old self by the time she left.

So it's raining on the first day of the show this weekend. Cold. Windy. UCK. I have a love hate relationship with this show. I always do well, but hate going because of the weather. It's never what you want it to be. Pete takes WB/BOS! Woohoo. That's one point=1 more month she can hang out here(she's good till August now). Kristy and her mal take a group 2, nothing for our poor frenchie though. Head home and in time to watch the Derby.

Did you know--sidenote pardon---that I could be filthy rich right now? If only I could get my husband to actually bet on the Derby??Every year he gives me his picks the day of the race. Every year he either hits a trifecta, or gets 2 out of 3. Once again, he hit 1st and 3rd. His 2nd place horse faded to 5th. Go figure, next year, he's going to an OTB!

So after a good nights sleep, it's up at the butt crack of dawn to go show frenchies-right up 8:30. And guess what, cardigans, not till 2:20. Eghads, time to waste and the nap I was looking forward too. That was until Taffy took breed, again. Rough collies needed extra hands and then I realized, I had better get the dogs groomed, packed up and ready as--yeap, the weather was getting touchy, again.

And we wait.... and wait....and, oh, judge. Halt. Stop. Leave ring. She got a bloody nose and was dripping on the dogs-or almost when she bent over to examine then. 10 mins later, resume but no bending over to examine, it was deep knee bends. I still don't understand the scheduling today but oh well, by the time we were ready to go in, after the handful of other dogs, the skies were a little iffy. But I can say the wait is worth it today.

I am happy to report that Dawn was right, I was wrong. Why am I happy? Pete is now not only a Best of Breed winner over specials BUT............she also is now a group placer. That's right folks! Pete went into the ring a questionable keeper and now has a little more credit to her name. rePete, Peterman, Petey Puppy took a group 4 today, in the dark. Sort of. Alec said she's reserved her space for at least the next 6 mos or more.

See when we got done with breed and my mouth was still on the ground, we sat to wait as the judge had to do a huge sheltie entry, the terrier group and then herding, dead last. And the storm hit. And the doors got shut and windows turned in. And the lights went out. Yes you read that right, the lights went OUT. She was on her last open bitch class and finished WB and BOB in shelties in the dark. But what about the group rings? The club gets inovative.

They brought 5 cars with their head lights on into the building and it was terrier group by headlight. Then the herding came in. Couple more trucks brought in and more headlights. So we all take our turns, Pete could have cared less, though looked at me like-huh-seriously, what in the heck are we doing out here? Aren't we supposed to be in our crates, going home? Okay, if I must. The moment the pemmie did it's down and back-LIGHTS!!!! Wee haa, we had real lights and the OMG moment as she goes down the line for one last look, points, point, points and POINTS at US!!!

And this is what it looked like on the way home...........

Later gators....


Dawn said...

I am glad for you that it worked out so well!

Winjammin' said...

Big congrats for the HUGE win!!! Glad she showed well for you!

Sherilyn said...

Definitely a BIG Congrats!! Way to go!! Phantom is proud of his little girl! :)