Monday, April 12, 2010

Way back when-muddy feet?

Okay, I realized that I forgot to clue everyone in on the muddy feet blog a while back. Unfortunately, no one won. Here's a recap:

EmmyLou Who, who supposedly doesn't get dirty?
Jazper the rough and tough griff
Bear-who finally figured out that dirt is fun.
And last but not least, the resident evil blue dog, Lace.
Sherilyn-you were partially right, ID'ing your dogs but missed on the other two.
Let's see what I can come up with next?

Later gators...


ClassyChassy said...

Looks similar to the muddy feet around here!!!

Cindy said...

Thank GOD for woodchips and a husband that got tired of them. We now have a fair portion of the mud areas filled, now clean and dry!

Sherilyn said...

LOL I'd be disowned if I at least didn't get my own right! ;)