Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's been a busy weekend around here. Fear of rain kept us moving at a fast pace, but God smiled big and bright with sunny skies and not so windy weather. One week left to get stuff seriously done before we get stalled with travel for two weeks. It's kind of a now or never thing.
Garden still isn't tilled but we are hoping BIL can come up with is tractor and tiller to do the garden, the construction area in the front yard and one other little spot. Then I can throw all those plants in the ground that I have been buying. Alec did get his rhubarb planted-we now have four nice hills. Herbs are waiting along with the start of the strawberry patch.
Little picture heavy but here's a recap of the weekend.

Trellis' up by the barn, beds ready to plant. Not sure what goes in there this year but we do have an other clematis for the right side, lamb's ears is in the lower box of the left one. The theme color this year will be red and white. So Salvia? White vinca?
The FENCE!!! Wee haa!!! It's up on both sides of Chateau Quack(I'm told I'm getting a special sign made to such). No more barking dogs on in the front yard.

Just a reminder, that's what it looked like last fall before the snow flew. Alec is now getting the inside ready for the shipment of ducklings coming soon.
And this is from inside the yard. The dog, er uh, duckaloo's, are perfect for the ducks to lay in, next, etc. The dogs never use them so rather then waste them we gave it a try. To the left, the front of Chateau Quack. Hoping this next week we can get the small retaining wall up in front, steps to the door and then the small ramps for the ducks to walk into it. Yes some staining needs to be done as well as some cleaning of the recycled old antique windows and doors. But heck, it's up and functional!
And now, some duck photos. The Cayugas first. Cool aren't they? Big too. Actually, this drake and two other's are for sale. I am keeping a trio for now. I'm open for trading, bartering or out right--please take them! I have too many drakes. All the duck's wings got clipped before they went out to the yard for the spring. Oh and the color of these, only gets better as they age.

Okay, this is hard to tell but take a look at these two khaki drakes. Notice anything? The one on the left is a normal drake, two years old. The one on the right, same age, but is an apricot dilute. Unusual mutation that occurs in the breed. Neither of these guys are available, but I do have another normal drake, three years old, who is available.
And we can't have duck photos with out our beloved Commander Cody. One of his left side....
And one of his right. He's quite the man of the flock and hoping he's in better condition this summer for another shot at the county poultry show.
And last but not least, I've resorted to xpens for the flower gardens. Or at least until the Lily of the Valley blooms and the hostas are up and established. Seems collies like to lay there. I have enough beds along the house to use about 5 xpens-thank goodness I'm not using them for anything else right now!

Well that's part of the weekend projects. Also cleaned carpets, ran tons of errands, and lots of dog grooming. I don't care what others do but I refuse to have my dogs look moth eaten and be seen with tufts of hair coming out every where. The blower has been getting lots of use around here. And the bird's nests are going to be full of nice downy dog fluff this spring.
OH-shout out to Rus, Sherilyn and Bekka!! Congrats on their newest champion, the king of reserves, Ransom!
Later gators....


Sharrie said...

Wow!!! You are really on a roll. Lots is getting done by you. Good luck getting the rest finished. Pictures almost make be wish I had some ducks.........almost.

Cindy said...

Now, come on, join the flock! We are averaging 5 eggs a day from them. I got way too many drakes in the runs last year. But we have custard pie, quiche, scrambled eggs..... and lots of frozen eggs too.

They are actually fun and easier to deal with then chickens, IMHO. The next project, digging out the pond to the correct size I want, then adding in the gravel overflow ditch.

Sherilyn said...

Looking good!! Sure you don't want to come to Des Moines for more fun...painting and flooring? We could make a party out of it! LOL

Miss you guys! I still have your birthday present here...guess I need to get it to you one of these days! :)


Thanks! Yup...King of reserves, only I think Emmy actually the record for RWB to the major. Just glad Chunky Monkey is done! :)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Wow super great progress! Congrats!