Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is it over yet?

We used to say when it rains, it pours. Not now. When it snows, it blizzards is the new term. I mean seriously, they are now issuing warnings about spring flooding considering the amount of snow we keep getting.

I have no photos of it. Kids keep getting snowed in, I have to keep trucking it to work. Kids hibernate all day with a few good movies and keep forgetting to take photos of the dogs disappearing in the drifts. I sit in a windowless office, only venturing out to go to on my daily bank walk or to get the special at Deb's.

Eghads--the horses are even saying enough is enough. The ones I feel the worst for are the little dogs. Tango, granted has hair to spare but comes in with snow balls all around-after 5 mins out. Ace, thank God he's black or we might loose him in the drifts. But Jazper, dear hairless Jazper. Okay, he's not hairless, but smooth brussels with less hair then the smooth collie. He can't decide if he wants in or out most days. Comes in with snow all over his push face and expects kisses--not.

So does anyone know where spring is hiding? Granted I'll take snow over mud any day, but this is pushing it.

Later gators....

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