Sunday, December 20, 2009

I did it!

Yeast bread has always been something I've been hesitant to do. The kneeding, getting the rise right etc. But thanks to Susan over at Chicken on the Road blog, I tried her Grandma's Bread today and well, noting that 1/2 of a loaf is gone already, I think it's a winner. I've got a 2nd batch rising right now and everyone's asking for french toast tonight. My Amish Friendship bread was also ready to go so I made that and yes, 1/2 a loaf gone already. I've been requested to hold back two starters for ourselves this time so that I can freeze a couple loaves next week when it's ready.

We also have the makings for peanut butter brownies and chocolate kiss cookies. I didn't get around to the sugar cookies this year but maybe that's a New Year's weekend treat.

OOPS, time to kneed some dough!

Later gators....