Sunday, December 13, 2009

The days after

We survived. Sort of. Kids were home for three days, we got out the day after, sort of. 4' and 5' drifts on the road made for an exciting trip to work on Thursday. For example, here's the look out the back door. Yes it can get drifted shut.
Then of course there's Fred after only 5 mins outside. Took everything we had to drag him in. Fiesty old coot.
Of course there's always down time when snowed in and Hope took advantage of one nano second that Petey was still and used her as a pillow.

For those in Cardi Bloggerland, a little taste of Iowa is winging itself East to our Cardi Claus friend. Hope you enjoy!!

Later gators...

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Dayna Dawn Small (aka Barter) said...

Thank you so much for the gift, Cindy. The dogs and I agree: Iowa tastes delicious!