Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The sweet aroma

Ever worked in a feed store? I did for ten years.

How about a garden center? Yeap, over ten years in that industry.

What I don't remember but my family does is the aroma that I had when I came home. You get used to it after a short time and well, don't notice it. It penetrates your clothes, hair and well, even your shoes.

When the alfalfa meal was being bagged, you came home smelling like a hay barn.

After stocking shelves for the spring, you came home with the essence of pesticides.

But tonight has got to be the worst.

I live in the country. Next door neighbors raise hogs. Now I don't mind the smell of money, never have, but see, the crops are out and well, tis the annual draining of the pits and injecting the liquid gold, okay, hog crap, in the ground.

My dogs? Outside. My house, even with the windows shut, furnace off, it smells. Candles going all night and the dogs, yes they reek. Nothing can be done. Just has to wear off. But honestly looking at them it's too funny. I swear they look at me and go - is this heaven? They are doing leaps in the air trying to get as much of that horrid smell in their fur.

They look stoned.

Later gators....

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