Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Same old, same old

It's turned cool, okay, cold here in the midwest. And wet. Typical November, which is one reason it's not my favorite month of the year. Just to the south of us, across I80, they have had around 2 inches of rain in the last couple of days. Dare I mention that snow word too? They keep saying it's coming soon. I just threw a couple extra dogs on the bed to keep warm.

Now the good part of November is our annual presentation at the Emerson Fastworks program. It's our third year doing our K9Ambassadors demo and yeap, I took Moose, Clairee and da'puppy. Now my dogs are rusty, very rusty. Clairee was doing retrieves, not pretty. Kept going out and then would swing to get as close to the kids as she could before I went out and said--uh,hem, take it???!!! Silly old dog but it's my fault. J&J has my order for a different dumbbell with higher sides so she has an easier time picking it up.

Moose, was well, goober boy, but had fun doing lots of fun random drops and then chasing Clairee through the chutes. Then of course comes the time for the kids to test out their newly learned skills of greeting a dog and how to pet them. Moose, typical and the entire group still gets a giggle out of him after how many demos? On his back, feet waving at the ceiling and stupid grin that gets bigger and bigger with each belly rub.

SP, her inner demon child was not present. She actually got bored with it all. She got pets, hugs, tickles and kisses from all the kids. Now these guys range from toddlers to 1st and 2nd graders. Some are scared of the dogs, so are noisy and some are super dog kids. For a just 6 mo old puppy, she sure is acting very mature and has some great potential in our group.

Before we left, Kathy was super sweet and I got a very early Christmas present! She had someone paint on a really nice pin brush with the K9Ambassadors logo painted on it. Now the debate is do I use it or put it up on the shelf? I think I'll use it, but only on special dogs. Thanks Kathy!!!

The rest of this week is par for the course. SP and I have been perfecting her table manners which have never been an issue. She bathes, blow dries, stacks nicely and calmly on the table. Her free stack is coming along great unless she's hungry then it's the demon child appearing going-cheese!!!!! At least she's gotten over leading herself, which means she can use a nicer kangaroo lead at the shows instead the nasty nylon. Which is even nicer as she's got a sweeping stride that if she isn't eating the lead, looks awesome. Her first show is in a week and should be interesting, especially if Russ is channeling one of his inner demons-who will it be Ruff Ruff, Rosario or Hugh Ruffner?

Later gators...

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