Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just can't hold back!

Alec and the gang went to Grand Rapids, MI this weekend for a show. I was planning on going but decided that with the way works been going and the craziness with the one project, best to not take the extra day off. Smart plan as lawyers and attornies were requesting lots of updated information for court next week. I'll be joining the gang at Kankakee in a few weeks for Demon Child's debut.

So, Justin has gone home for a few weeks and we were supposed to pick him up for this show. Sheryl had other plans or was it a brain lapse(though when she called me, she said it was something to do with being an old lady) and entered the wrong dog. I said no worries, let's not waste the entry and take up Nicky instead. Now many of you have meet Nicky at our place about 2 years ago when I babysat two of the Canadian boys for Sheryl for the summer. He's turned into a stunning dog and now lives with Deb and her son. Beautiful brindle coat, moves like a dream and well, just like his other siblings, Moose, Abbey, and Justin, reminds me so much of his father.

Drum roll please.......Nicky took the 5 pt major reserve yesterday and .............took WD today for the 5 pt major!!!!!!! Alec said he moved out like a star, stood, stacked and was perfect. I can't wait to get the big guy home for a hug-Nicky that is :0) Marg went up too and well, those darn ears or lack there of, she took the major reserve, again. One of these days those last two points will come. The judges all pull Alec aside and say she's just a wonderfully put together bitch, but she just doesn't show like she wants to be there. Which is true. She would much rather be herding ducks, barking and cause mayhem at home.

Relaying more of the events of the weekend, Alec said it was a great show, other then a small electrical hitch. Seems the entire area around the show grounds had no electricity Saturday morning and the show committee was 1 min away from canceling the show for the day when they got min electric back. I'll attribute that to Connie, Kerri, Pam and Alec stopping at one point and praying for God to give them just a little light. Power of pray at work! Ruff Ruff was in the house and today had a snit fit outside the ring-in a crate of all things, because his handler was showing some other dog. Once in the ring he was soooo happy to be with his handler, aka Alec, that he galloped and bounced around the ring. Tuffy was there as a special for the weekend and well, no complaining when you get beat by a dog that nice. Rebbecca was there with most of the collie entry, and I do believe part of that was due to Alec telling her a few shows ago he was going to be up there. So now he's helping out Rebecca with collies, won his class with the puppy but wasn't her weekend, everything else got dumped.

Me, staying at home, ran errands yesterday, had someone over to play with cardigans and dealing with a lame horse. Yes can't go a month with out someone in sick bay and this time it's Phoenix. Severe sprain or something torn in her left front pastern. Who knows how but I'm reminded of Moo's incident about 20 years ago that left him in a stall for 6 weeks and no riding for a year. Long journey now.

Let's see, cleaned out the club trailer, organizing the history and old records. I'm treasurer of the kennel club now as the previous gal has asked to pass it to someone else. David was elected President this last week too. Duck house has one last piece to put on then I have to go out and clean it out, lay the new flooring, get the ramps ready and put in the new fence.

Might I also mention in this marathon weekend with it being GORGEOUS out. Can I say that again, GORGEOUS! David and Meredith launched her 2 stage rocket. Bet you can guess the ending on that one--she has the tail fin section but unfortunately, the 2nd stage is AWOL. It went WAY UP! WAY WAY UP. and came down, where? We don't know but think it's about a 1/2 mile down the road in the neighbor's still standing corn field. Oh well, she's now on the hunt for a bigger rocket to build and I'm suggesting that this one contain a homing device.

Hope everyone out in blog land had an awesome weekend. Iowa's beautiful right now and I'm headed back out to work on some odds and ends or heck with it, taking a ride!

Later gators....

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Kodi said...

Thanks for the pupdate on the show - I love hearing how everyone is doing! I'm washing my RV outside in shorts today - then it's the last bit of winterizing and the cover goes on. I need to dig up my cannas too, but I think the neck/shoulder exhaustion may preclude that until later in the week. Enjoy the day!