Monday, November 16, 2009


Changing the clocks, change of the seasons and heck even changing out the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. Change is all over.

This weekend was no different. I ran errands all over the place on Saturday, partly looking for something specific. Funny, found all kinds of stuff I didn't need-thankfully will power says, no. Never did find what I wanted, no, found part of it. I love recycling, hate buying stuff I can make myself. So I'm in search of a board to make a leash rack for the dog room. ReStore is like the most awesome place and yes that's where I found a lot of what I didn't need. Ended up taking David back later on for a lookie at some way cool screen doors. Will look perfect on the house and now we are going to get the new side door(oh another project) to match the screen. So a change in plans - always happens and you just go with the flow.

I digress....change. What I noticed this weekend was how much the stores change from summer to winter--no fall inbetween. Two weeks before halloween, they change to Christmas. Unreal.

Sunday, more of the same but another sort of change. I had a mild mannered sweet beagle change into a snapping, vile creature. First off, I hate beagles. Two breeds on the bottom of my list are beagles and chows. So what do I do, take on a private student with a rescue beagle. I actually like this little dog who has tons of potential. Everything has been going well and we meet up in the daylight to so I could see exactly what she was like with another dog--her big issue. All 20 lbs of beagle tried to eat Clairee. Thank God for a bullet proof dog like Clairee, she just looked at me like-seriously Mom, can't I just take her down? Found out so much more with the interaction on Sunday-the dog is reactive, a resource guarder and hates big dogs. Hate is mild. Now little dogs, could care less. Interesting and more work to be done.

Change....puppies going to new homes! I always get asked if I miss them. Yes of course I do, but I also know that they are going to great families that will spoil them rotten. Change can be good, though Sweet Pea aka Demon Child isn't so sure about that. She's slightly bored now that Connie is with her new family.

So what's changed around your house lately? Good, bad or indifferent. The only change that I am not looking forward to comes real soon----that white stuff called snow. The added that to the forecast and I asked them the change it back to rain!!!!

Later gators....

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