Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making me a fur coat!

Sad news. Meredith's favorite duck, Sarah, subcombed to her injuries yesterday. Over the last week we have lost a cayuga and now the khaki. I do believe I am going to be getting a fur coat this fall one way or another.

We moved the ducks to the front pen, closed off the pond and the traps are set. Alec feels that it's not the coon invasion we had last year, well maybe one or two, but I agree with him, the mink that we see crossing the road on occasion, has found the ducks. Not enough destruction on the ducks to warrant the coon, but more then likely a smaller critter.

First live trap goes out tonight--we'll keep a tally and see what we end up with. Hum, nice warm road kill coat, just what I wanted for Christmas.

later gators....

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