Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make yo' head spin

Yes it's the weekend, well almost and I am about to make everyone's head spin again with all that will and should happen this weekend.

First the moat is filled, sort of. We need to fix the original hydrant as we figured out our winter freezing issues, it's broke, way down deep in the ground. But once that is taken care of, the lawn needs to be attended to. Of course we'll ask out David's brother with his super duper lawn tractor and mega tiller. Which then means he can do the yard so we can seed it, then of course do the garden.

Which leads me to project #2, I need to get the rest of the carrots out of the ground and either freeze, pickle, can or root cellar them. UGH!

Duck house needs one more side with siding, then fence up and the flooring will need to be reinforced, painted and insulated. Soon too as the ducks really want to get inside asap.

To top off the weekend, the K9 Ambassadors are doing the annual Hitaga Halloween Trail, to which I am in charge of. So Eddie, Moose, Lace and the Hooligans are going along to teach dog safety to about 600 kids, weather permitting.

Really want your head to spin? Halloween Trail 4-8 on Friday, 6-8 on Saturday. UKC show in Davenport all weekend and yeap, we are jumping in and going to take Frankie there. Got his TL, he's getting his bath tomorrow and I still don't know how I'm going to manage it all. 4 shows, two days plus the night activities.

Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.....

Later gators,


Sherilyn said...

Uh huh...good luck with all does make my head spin! LOL

Go Frankie!! :)

Anonymous said...

You make me tired, I think I'll stay home and sleep!

Dawn said...

Hoping its going well for you.