Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sheep revisited

Okie dokie folks, the whole sheep discussion has got to be revisited some. Garrett's got me thinking and oh darn it, I need sheep like a hole in the head!

First off-in order to even start down that road, I seriously need to think of a reason why? I do have the room but it would mean some major rearranging. Next, in order to add a few more mouths to feed I need to down size in other areas. The paycheck can only be stretched so far. Lastly, I need a purpose for them - showing, money off fleece, training dogs. I don't need something else just to make it look like a farm.

So rearranging. Sheep can't go with the elephants. Like Garrett said, I don't think I have ever meet a horse that appreciates woolies. Granted the neighbors have a burro in with the shorthorns and sheep, but that's a totally different beast. The only place available at this time is the front areas of the property, which in turn means David will loose some of his hay and vineyard area. That won't go over at all. It's bad enough that I want to expand the garden next year-yes Dear you heard that right, larger garden.

Downsizing-seriously. One clydesdale is leaving. Well, returning to his real home this weekend. Forest aka Toast has been up here since his eye removal surgery last year. If it wasn't one thing it was another and he had to stay up at our place to heal. He's good to go and now the challenge is to get his ever growing body in the small stock trailer. Torey is looking for a new home also. Nice 10 or so yr old crop out paint gelding. He just needs some road work but is a fun boy to have around. Then there's the dogs-4 cardigans are in need of new homes-1 puppy and 3 adults. Then there's the collies-Turner and Click are looking for loving homes. There are also days that a certain griff or two could find new homes but that's just when we butt heads on appropriate behavior-such as not harrassing the blue dogs. RRRR-hate dogs that come with baggage. Forgot-some of the ducks are available. Few just aren't making the grade for show and breeding next year but are still wonderful breed examples.

Last but not least, other then mowing, what the heck do I need or want sheep for?

Fleeces? Spinning? Yarn? That's just more work then I need to add to the schedule, though I know my mother would be in heaven and I would be up to my armpits in hand made sweaters, scarfs, mittens, etc., that mom knitted for me. Me, knit? Maybe but that means that my cross stitch, sewing and other crafting projects would get set aside. My eyes can only take so much strain.

Showing? Around here there just aren't wool shows. Travel, as Garrett knows, is long distance and I already have to budget that for dog showing. We have many large meat producers in the area-goat and sheep. I don't think there are any of the wool producers left in the area. Back 30 years ago a large family raised that raised wool sheep but 10 kids have all gone different directions and not sure, but I don't think any are still on the farm. Our local 4-H is all about market lambs, not a wool class in sight. When I get into something, it's all or nothing. Like those damn quackers. Started out doing a favor for someone, now, it's heirloom breed preservation and showing.

So what to do, what to do. Needs more thought. I know Doc would just roll her eyes when I tell her that I now have sheep. She has a hard enough time keeping a straight face when I ask for health certificates for the turkey and ducks for state fair. I might have to find an alternative vet for sheep or goats or what ever. Granted Moose and Max would just love me but that would also mean debarking two old gals who run at the mouth when a horse sneezes or a duck shakes it's head.

For now, staying with the status quo. No new additions to the crew, well, woolie, feathered or fin. Barking, maybe, stay tuned.....

Later gators......


Ebonwald Cardigans said...


I keep going back and 15 BFLs the magic number? is 50 Shetlands the magic number? Now I have crosses too for market lambs (but with good wool qualities).

Now that I"m selling fleeces and people are finding me out, I have reserved fleeces already for next year. I don't spin. I don't WANT to spin, but am having some scarfs and hats made up for me by some friends that bought some wool from me......and that will be fun.

The dogs DO get used, although not as much as I wanted as my breeds are not great flocking breeds.....but they learn :)

Plus they are so cute and wag their tails when you pet them! >:)

dreameyce said...

Spinning doesn't strain eyes! Once you get used to spinning, esp long drafting, most people can do it without looking.

I generally spin when the family watches movies and such. I have ADD, and can't just SIT there and do nothing, so when they want to watch something, I'll pull out the wheel, and roving and have family time. My ashford is very quiet, so doesn't disturb the movie at all.

I've also been known to drop spindle in the dark too. Once you get used to spinning, it's really pretty mindless, and repetitive. Some of my best meditation, is while spinning. Spinning is about the only time I just sit the heck down and relax, which is very good for me :)

On that note, I don't knit, or crochet, and have never finished a x-stitch project my whole life! LOL I 'can' x-stitch, but I get so "Oooo shiny!" over other things, that they get 1/2 finished shoved in a storage box ;) haha