Sunday, September 20, 2009

Okay, I lied

Remember all that I was going to get done this weekend? Nope. I feel kind of crappy so motivation to do stuff just wasn't there. But I did get a few things done.

Sexed and banded the ducks. Now there's a bummer. Once again I am over come with too many drakes. 1 lone cayuga hen and the other 6--drakes. Anconas-the lavender and super nice black and white, both drakes. But the chocolates are both hens. The whites-1 is a drake and one is a hen. On the good side, the pekins that we were gifted with-one hen and one drake. With that said--4 cayuga drakes for sale, 1 khaki drake and I think 1 or two ancona drakes.

I did get the garden partially cleaned out. The dogs are in heaven with all the past prime tomatos and a few baseball bat zuchinis that I found hiding. The ducks were even more thankfull for their allotment of zuchs which I chopped up for them. I love using them as garbage disposals. What I did manage to get done was several quarts of salsa and bruchetta mix. Now it's on to the carrots and freezing those.

Backhoe is still on three wheels so no pond or hydrant dug in this weekend. Hope to get it fixed by next weekend. But I did get lots of laundry done-yippee, that's everyone's excitement for a weekend.

Now the biggest news of the weekend---we have another champion!!! Alec traveled with Kim and Bekka to Grey's Summit MO this weekend to show down at Purina. Ella got the points on Friday-way to go Kim! Dovey went on to take the points the rest of the weekend, including a nice 4 pt major on Saturday to finish!!!! That's #4 champion for Margie and #3 for Phantom. This also means, I get to stay home the rest of the fall from the shows as the hooligan SP and her co-hort in crime are not old enough to show yet, may have to wait until after the first of the year for them.

Now I have to go help wash the side of the house, plant the bulbs I got and hum, maybe another load of laundry?

later gators.....

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