Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the weiner is.....

Okay, so here's the wrap up on the show. It was a long 5 days for those of us running it and it was fun. We found humor in so many places.

Thursday started off with the 4 letter word that show chairs hate to see on the TV--RAIN! And boy did we have rain. Major flooding in Anamosa, Marion, Cedar Rapids and well most of Eastern Iowa. At the RV park where we headquarter the show, I think it was 5 or 6 inches. It rained all day long. I must thank Big Ten Rentals for pushing to have the tents up on Tuesday though I wasn't ready. Never would have gotten them in on Thursday.

Robin flew in to pick up Sienna and well, I felt so bad that her Iowa experience was through rain drops, puddles and fog. Sienna is now having a blast with Ozzy in Maryland.

I don't think I have ever been so wet. Here's a few photos of what it looked like at home.

Friday rolls around and since I'm not chair of the Tri City club, I get to show on Friday and Saturday. OMG Early in the morning all four days for cardigans, but we made the most of it. Lots and lots of water on Friday, Saturday was more muddy then wet. Dove took another point as did Justin. Ruff Ruff on the other hand is a Diva-notice the capital D. He was of the opinion of no way should he have to wallow through the mud, too good for that. We all had a laugh at his antics in the ring. So on the way back to the RV, Alec and Russ went through all the mud puddles they could find. Yeap, he's kind of gotten over it. Here's a shot of the cardigan entry post showing. Notice the lovely mud prints on Connie's outfit, some of the way cool footware and heck, the smiles. We all had fun.

Kim and I spent part of the day washing blankets at the laundromat. Seems the Double Shot is taking a little more time to break in then usual-fresh water holding tank, all 110 gallons, fell, breaking it's supports. On top of Kim's grooming, crates, dollies and yes the cherry boots. Which lead to the washer/dryer discharge tubing coming apart and a flood of wash water in the main family room of the RV. Alec fixed it on Friday with help from Kathy and Bekka. We love PVC glue!

Saturday is a little crazier as I need to hang around a little more to work on the change over from TCKC's portion to the CRKA portion. Fun Match that night too. So up again way too early and and off to the muddy rings now. Dove comes home with her 2 major! Now only needing 5 singles to finish!! Wee haaa. Ella was reserve. Button was also reserve. After showing it was time to scope out the vendors. I've got a couple nice new leads, some awesome crate mats and a new comb-which is now awol. I am constantly loosing combs at shows. At the match, Ms Sweet Pea was a hoot and we got a standing ovation when she decided to finally gait. She has the best table manners, stacks like a dream. Walks on a lead at home but not in public-gotta work on that. Following the match was a nice night by the fire and early turn in.

Sunday was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! What I have to make a huge point of for any of you thinking about helping out with a show is to make sure you have awesome grounds crews. Dear David and his TCKC partner Byron, pulled out stuck cars, spread straw, filled in holes, you name it that did it and deserve that steak and beer dinner each night(that was a suggestion in the box at the end of the show). They always had smiles on their faces and everyone loved them! Thanks Guys!!!!

I got to spend my day escorting judges, talking to people, solving problems and making sure that everyone there was having a great time. For the most part, everyone found the humor in the situation and ran with it. No we didn't have mud fights but had some fun in it.

Unfortunately one of the bad parts of being a show chair is dealing with problems and well, I had to DQ a dog for an attack. Making it even worse, it was my breed. What I can't stress to everyone more is that it's your responsibility as an exhibitor or handler to have your dog prepared mentally as well as phyiscally for the shows. They need to be well behaved, attentive and relaxed. Now I get to preach---behavior that got a dog DQ'd this weekend, is unacceptable to me in any breed, but especially my own. Temperments are something that we should not be wishy washy on. Breeding dogs with bad temperments only begats worse temperments in my book. Take a serious look at what you are doing and be honest and truthful. It's a heartache for me to have a bad tempered dog out in the ring for John Q Public to see. Heck that's why a lot of people say that corgis are ill mannered and nasty, that's what they see because breeders aren't concerned enough about it to make it a real sticking point when they breed.

So Sunday's results--Justin takes another 2 points-this time with Meredith helping show him. Alec is also showing a Bedlington this weekend-that's a story to ask him about. Helping out with bull mastiffs and ridgebacks. Can't seem to make the ring time to get to the frenchie though, he really wanted to show Taffy for Sheryl.

Best in Show on Sunday was Erin and the Alaskan Malamut ---- gorgeous dog. Really nice dog.

After a long day of show chairing, I went and crashed at the RV. Good meal by Kim, nice warm cup of tea and a wonderfully toasty fire. Did I mention it was down right cold at night????

Monday dawns and it was a much smaller show to manage. Sandy and I were laughing and joking most of the day. I must add that our AKC rep this weekend was Dolores and she is a wonderful woman. I loved having her around and she really is a great representation of the AKC. Our Onofrio crew of the weekend was Reggie and his wife Sharon. Again, I LOVE REGGIE!!! He's a hoot and Sharon is one of the nicest people around. Barring 4 herniated disks, she slugged around with the rest of us.

Ella Bella got her first points on Monday!!!! Meredith played hookie and showed Button again and took more points. I guess he's in love with her.
Alec is now showing a breed I have admired for a long time, Tibetan Mastiffs. They are owned by a friend of ours. Jetts is the special and wow, now Alec knows why I have been attracted to them. He wants one now. He's also got a couple bullmastiffs coming out this fall to show. He's going to be a busy boy and I think it's time to look for a larger show bus.

Best in Show on Monday was Jeri and her OES. It was a pleasure to hand her that big ribbon and she well deserved it. There can't be a nicer person out showing her own dogs then Jeri. I wish all winners where like her. I got to hold Winston when she primped him for the photo and then was asked to stand in, even though there was nothing to hold up. Prize was money on Monday.

Clean up was fun and fast. I came home and crashed, dogs were never happier to get home. Now it's tons of laundry. cleaning crates as Eddie blew up or is that out on Monday in the RV and trying to get caught up at work. Would you believe we only have 3 days till Des Moines???

Later gators.....



Dawn said...

Whew! Busy! glad you survived it all. Congrats on teh wins. See you this weekend.

Traci said...

sounds like an awesome (but exhausting) weekend Cindy! :)

Re: the temperaments.... I've been wondering for years why the aggressive behavior is allowed anywhere near ANY dog shows. Why exhibitors would bring their dog near any ring if there is a temperament problem. I had a Pemmie with a temperament issue and once I saw it I was HORRIBLY uncomfortable about it.
Some exhibitors know how to handle their dogs and keep them in check, but it's when the exhibitors back is turned that the dog lashes out and bites other dogs in the ring.... or lunges.... or what have you.
Sorry you had to experience that, but it sounds like the rest of the weekend MORE than made up for that part!
Congrats!!! :)