Monday, August 10, 2009

Short and sweet

What a fun weekend we had in Albert Lea. The rain stayed away, the temps- a little warm but not bad. We had a fun group to show with, shared the points all the way around. I think each of us walked away with something. Everyone was in a great mood and we were all joking ringside about everything under the sun.

Kim's a great host and we had a Mexican buffet on Saturday night. Rounded out the evening with Hurricanes(pitchers of them) around the camp fire--till 1am!

Justin came home with his first two points. He was super goofy and it's great to see that in him. Again, I just love this dog to pieces.

Alec and Ruff Ruff were on fire on Sunday with a Group 4. We once again got asked if we hire out as a cheering section. But of course--and for the mere price of grape Popsicles!!!

Okay now for a week of hell at work-I hate college students.

Later gators......


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Great fun, great people, great food and great dogs. Enough said! Cheers, Kim

Sherilyn said...

I 2nd that! Thanks to all! Can't wait til the Amanas! :)