Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We watched the National Spelling Bee a few weeks ago. Wow is all I can say. Those kids are amazing but it got me thinking about the words we use and why we use them. One of my favorites, not to use, but to pun around with is assume.

Assume: to take something for granted; presume. Or in layman's terms-to make an Ass out of U and Me. That's the kicker that a former boss would use all the time. It's stuck with me and I like to use that acronym at times with others. But let's think about it a little more.

I must apologize for the way I came off yesterday. This is my soap box to stand on. I get to say what I want, when I want and if you don't like it, tough. But after a weekend of worry with a young puppy, a big pain in the neck-a real one with a pinched nerve and 400mg of advil every 4 hours and once again issues with my sciatic nerve, well, I'm just a peachy person to be around. I spouted off a little rant and for those is might offend, sorry. But let's use that word-assume, for a moment.

There are people in this world with little self dignity, low self esteem, that feel the only way to make themselves feel better is to belittle others, push them further down when they are already hitting rock bottom. I didn't want gossip to find it's way to people who will - here's that word--- assume that I am not forthright nor a responsible person. When it back fires it does just what the acronym says-not only makes an ass out of you but also me. If I had decided to withhold information, to not say a thing or have people wonder what way going on--aka make assumptions that lead to rumors, false accusations or worse, a foot hold for someone to attempt to malign me.

I greatly appreciate the comments from other's after my post. We can try and try to do everything right, but there are just things we have no control over. Flukes in nature, God's will when it's not ours. Breeding is not an exact science. No matter how careful, how much or little we test or how we manage our breeding program, we will always have unexplained things crop up. What I dislike the most and what has happened to myself and close friends in the past is that people in this world have two sets of standards by which they live. The one where they do no wrong, they are righteous in what they do and that if others can't live up to that high standard, then they are low lifes, unworthy and irresponsible. Then those same people turn around and do just what they accuse others of doing wrong but can justify it for their own means. It's a shame to have to deal with people like that.

My point being is that within a definition of a word, there are many many different meanings. One is not the only answer, the only truth or the only way to interpret the results.

Assume: to take over the duties or responsibilities of, as in "to assume the office of treasurer."

Everything needs to be taken in context of the situation but yet we also need to look outside the box. There is no perfect way to accomplish a goal, just our own way to do it. In many cases even our way isn't the right way, God's way is. That's the fun part though, figuring out how He wants us to continue down that path.

Update-I love my vet, love her, love her, love her. Puppy Dawn is at the clinic today to be spoiled and monitored. She's on some heavy antibiotics as well as drugs to control the seizures, though she's been seizure free since Sunday morning. Going to look at lowering her dose on a few things and then just see where it takes us. One test left to come back tomorrow, so crossing your fingers it points us in the right direction. Things are looking up though I could use a good nights sleep without whining puppies, headaches, awkward sleeping positions(just so you can be some what comfortable).

Later gators....

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Sharrie said...

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best for you and Dawn.