Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy bees

Just a few more days before the corgis' invade for the 3rd Annual Iowa Corgi Frap. It also means we are towards the end of summer, sigh.

David, Alec, Meredith and I have been busy little bees the last week and just a little more to do. I finally buckled down and got the basement partially cleaned. Okay I took 1 full tahoe load to Goodwill, which leaves a load of Meredith's old toys, two couches and an easy chair. The rest is pretty easy--it's just sorting and boxing up for storage.

Then we tackled the garage. What a pit that was. It became the dump station for everything. Tools, stuff, tools, stuff, shovels, pvc, you name it, I think we had it. But at least we now have it cleaned and sorted. As soon as the hay gets moved in the barn so David can get to his tool bench, then the rest goes to the barn, leaving me room to set up the other kennel run and still have room to lay down runners and have practice area for training the dogs. The one thing I won't do though, is leave the dogs out in the runs during the day. Too many things can go wrong, especially knowing that there are more robberies on farms these days-so locked doors are a must. But it's nice to have a place to let them dry off before they come in for the night-that's if it's muddy outside or what not.

Last night it was the yard. One last load of mulch for the planter beds and we are done. Fun part is I now have some spots needing plants, so I get to do a little shopping for plants! Only thing to do is mow, if the rain stops. Hate to loose a corgi with our tall grass, though mine seem to love nothing more then playing jungle explorer in the area I left tall. Did you know that we have brindle snakes and they love to jump out of the grass and scare you?

Now if the weather man helps me out and sends the rain away so that we have wonderful weather for the picnic!

Back to being a busy bee!!

later gators.....

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Scott said...

Caleb and Tasha are doing sun dances in hopes of getting the sun to be out on Saturday.