Friday, June 5, 2009

One of those days??

Ever have one of "those" mornings? Usually followed by one of "those" days?

Yeap, woke up with a headache-gotta be some sort of front moving in, after two aleve, still not kicking it. So the morning starts with a headache and goes from there.
I get out of bed and find my clothes.
I get my slacks, find socks-cool orangey peachy ones and go looking for the shirt that kind of matches.
Stop, watch puppies.
Oops, gotta get paperwork for Alec for this weekend.
Back to bathroom, now what was I doing, as I stop and watch puppies again. Oh yeah, shirt.
Downstairs to the laundry that I haven't put away or folded(still catching up on the whole broken dryer from last week). Start looking and realize that shirt was in the washer.
Okay, plan B-green shirt and cardigan denim shirt.
Back upstairs, plug in curling iron and stare at puppies some more.
Go pick up puppies for some cuddling.
Wait, what time is it?? Ugh, late!!!
Curl hair while watching puppies.
Now, where were those socks??
Look at clock, big UGH!
Out to the kitchen, start tea pot.
Back to bathroom, shut off curling iron, lights, look at puppies one more time.
Go get socks and realize that orangey socks, khakis, green shirt and denim shirt, really don't go together.
Look at clock one more time and oh well, feet are under the desk most of the day, no one will notice.
Make tea, drip it out of no spill cup as I go out the door.
Get to truck, sit, no keys.......

I managed to make it into work on time, though construction on the Hwy, reminder to self, take back roads home.

Unfortunately, I think the day has a lot of improving to do if I'm going to survive!

Hope everyone has a great weekend if I don't make it to post before the end of the day. Alec's going dog showing without me and I have a new obedience class starting up tomorrow, then holding a clinic for a neighboring county. Inbetween, painting, cleaning, weeding and if the rain holds off, riding a little.

Oh and looking at puppies ;0)

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

Give the little ones a gentle squeeze from us, too! :) Can't wait to see them again!

We'll miss you, but will call and text with results throughout the weekend. I might even have a glass of CAW just for you, in your honor! hehe

Hope the headache gets better!


Dawn said...

Just make sure you take the time for some puppy pictures for those of us without....

Cindy said...

Oh puppy pictures are a must. I will try to get some casual ones-they are now motating on their own, all over, much to the dismay of their mother. OCD kicking in with her again-every thing in it's place and place for everything.

I even heard a bark and growl this morning out of one of them-means ears are opening and eyes are about to crack ;0)

penni said...

Don't tell us -- show us. I love puppies and live vicariously through all the blog litters.