Sunday, May 31, 2009

It can't be over yet?

That's it, I'm putting in for three day weekends!!! I don't wanna go back to work, especially after the Friday that we all edured. Let's just say I can't wait for someone to go to the jail cell he deserves for a very very long time! UGH.

But the weekend was perfect. Sun, breeze and finally done planting, nope wait, one more set of bushes to remove and four more to plant. A load of mulch to spread and then we should be done. I think. Maybe?

Oh well, the garden is doing great. Everything is up, weeding is under control and my mouth is watering for the first picking.

Moo has a case of rain rot. Treating that, which means lots of medicated bathes, topical sprays and he's just not thrilled about any of it. Old age is catching up with him. But I did get him all trimmed up, had to roach his mane though-someone is eating it, again.

Let's see, found a new snapper in the bog by the creek. Hoping that it will hang out there till next weekend when I can catch it and release it far far away. Stuffing it in a vari kennel this time. Please refer to one of my earliest posts about that adventure.

Otherwise, new puppy photos are up. Everyone is doing great and have doubled their birth weight. Even my little itty bitty runt.

Ugh, Monday. Oh well, could be worse, no weekends at all. Almost forgot, looks like I'm going back to the land of the suburbans!!! Mom wants my tahoe, so Dad asked if he could swap me when he finds me a new burb! Just in time, two more client dogs to show this summer.

Later gators....


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I drove by a used car lot in Bettendorf and saw one of those Suburbans with the type of doors u like, sideways opening...

Cindy said...

Actually heehee, Dad almost got a three door one the other night. As in it had a driver's door, then two more doors behind it! I guess it was a former stretch limo type. Man the dogs I could get in that!

Sherilyn said...

ROFL!! Rus and I have kidded about getting an old limo as the "dog show vehicle".