Monday, April 20, 2009

The Moose Report-Day 4-Rally

So after I got a few good treats last night, now today is Eddie's turn. Rus and Sherilyn made it down last night, which meant that Mom and Bekka were sharing a bed and I had to sleep on the floor. That's not going to work for long. I have to giggle though, Bekka likes to talk in her sleep, so Mom will not get a good nights sleep unless she uses ear plugs.

We got to sleep in some but had to be there early so Mom could help out in Rally. She had so much fun. It was our judge from yesterday and the courses were easy. I got to be a demo dog in the excellant ring. This meant I had to do the honor for the first dog in the ring, then at the end Mom and I ran the course for the last dog to honor. We were awesome, even if it was on leash. I think I might just be ready for advanced, considering how wonderful I did as a demo excellant dog ;0) As we were up in the Expo Center playing, Kim and Kerri were assembly line washing dogs. Tonight is the Megan and Ruff Ruff needs to be clean, while the puppies need bathes for sweeps tomorrow. The booster bathes out by the Expo Center had COLD water only but the RV and Camper had hot, so those guys got lucky with warm bathes and blow drys.

When Mom was done with Rally, she got Eddie warmed up for his "prove it" run. See last year Eddie made a fool out of Auntie Sherilyn. No one after that thought he had enough brains to do anything then. But he went on last year to get his RN and some pretty respectable scores-high 90's. So this year was just to prove to the crowd that yes in deed the floppy blue bear can think. Some days I doubt it but hey, I live with the dork. Unfortunately, Auntie Sherilyn and Uncle Russ missed his run by a few minutes. He was awesome, but don't let him know I said it. Ended up with a 2nd place! Mom got a cool stoneware cup with CWCCA 2009 on it. One of a kind she said and it's on the trophy shelf at home. Don't think any ones going to be drinking out of that one any time soon. Oh and a big ribbon. Which I do have a beef about--did you know the rally ribbons are bigger then the obedience ones? What's up with that???

So now with that done and the stuff all cleaned up and put away, Mom's rushing down to the RV to change into her formal dress for the Megan. Wooo weee, does she clean up good. It was Ruff Ruff's turn to shine and he was a little nervous. Luckily the evil people that try to spook him at the home shows weren't there and he was on his game. He looked good-I got to sit in a chair ring side to watch him and Boo. But alas as it always is, he's just not big enough for the judges. Now granted I'm a big whale of a dog and yes, I admit I'm too big, but my buddy Russ is right in the middle of our breed standard. He is what they call a moderate dog and most of the breeders Mom and Auntie Kim talked to this weekend think he's perfectly sized. Shame that people keep showing oversized and dogs that are too big, can't move and have horrible fronts to the regular show judges. Can that boy move or what! He's got sweeping movement that the judge from last year's sweeps commented on. Just gotta look past the size thing is all. I guess what's a judge to do when all he sees is crap then a good dog comes along-not sure what to do with him.

During the break we went back to the RV's and had dinner. Kerri and Auntie Kim are awesome cooks. Since I'm the well behaved dog, I get to sit out with the humans-I even get my own chair. Sometimes I go and hang out in the RV with Music though. Back down to the Expo Center to watch. Well none of our crew did a darn thing so we all headed back to our beds for a good nights sleep. It would be an early morning on Wednesday with sweeps and then juniors stuff.

Moosie out!

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