Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 days and counting

This day is finally over. Man, Monday flew by but today just dragged. Could it be that I had tons to do so the day added an extra few minutes so that I could get it done?

I've got most everything packed for the trip to the National Specialty next week. Now it's time to put it all in the tahoe. I've got a few special things going along, but mostly just the essentials.

Did anyone guess what those feathery little things are in a previous post? How about Thanksgiving Dinner?? Yeap, turkeys. Stupid birds, amusing as hell and very tasty. Just waiting for my ducks and geese to arrive after we return from Kansas.

Let's see, oh the ducks, goodness the ducks are laying eggs like the world will end. It's actually great, so we have lots and lots of large eggs. I'm boiling them to take down for Easter at the specialty. WIll have two dozen to do tomorrow and that's just less then a weeks worth of eggs.

Horses are well. Toast will be getting a select few days outside. Not much as the hoof still isn't completely healed yet, but soon.

Lastly, it's been fun watching the antics of the neighbor's new calves. Honestly, I don't miss having those. I grew up with hogs and cattle. Someone else can deal with those beasties, but in the spring, the cows bellering for the wayward calf, who of course is out mock fighting with his buddies, is always fun. Not only are the calves fun but we have a pair of herons nesting at the creek and have been watching them fly over and around the last week.

It's a little of this and that post, I've got something fun to talk about next, but for now it's working on dog show stuff for CRKA, updating the website--yes yes I know, my assistant is pumping me for updates and then more packing.

Later gators...

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