Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weigh in results

Last night it was the monthly weigh in for all the dogs. Time for HW meds, so I need to know what their current weight is plus it was a good chance for me to see if the new dog food was putting back the pounds they lost over the winter. Dog food-another paragraph.

So we pull out the scale and as usual, I refuse to weigh myself, it's too depressing, but make the skinny kid get on. He's 21 and soaking wet is now 165. Add in 6'4" and well, damn it, the kid's a metobolic nightmare for me!!! Anyway, he starts picking up dogs and we would guess their weight, then look at the scale. Honestly, we were within 1 lb each and every time. I think that means I have a really good grasp on managing my dogs-though a few need a diet.

Okay, so here's the food issues. As many of you know, Pro Plan changed their chicken and rice diet. What a nightmare. I had dogs get sick over it. So it was time to find something else. Fred has food allergies so I have to be careful, but luckily we found another Pro Plan product that works as well as going back to Diamond dog food. Problem is, both products have a lower kcal/cup. So everyone is looking great, doing great and loosing weight. With growing pups and very active dogs, that's not good. So about 3 weeks ago, I switched to another Diamond product that's used for performance dogs. Now the weight is coming back, a few are enjoying it way too much and the rest look awesome.

Back to last night's fun. As we were working with each dog, it was also time for yearly shots. Assembly line time. Some are easy, some have tough tough skin and a few give you a look of hate when done-that would be LS. Max grumped, we figured that Meredith gets to do him from now on. Then there's Hope, omg, the couch slug.

Hope is 14. Hope is a black lab. Hope is lazy and Hope is a couch slug. The joke, though I am very serious about this, is when and if she ever dies, she will be buried on the couch. So David is working on a very big hole ;0) She can't move very fast, Doc thinks she's got some sort of tumor starting in her damaged shoulder and well, she moves like a sloth. Last night, dear David had the pleasure of weighing her. The bathroom scale only goes up to 250, or so we thought. Alec got the scale, David got on and weighed himself. Then dragging Hope in the house, attempted to pick her up. He almost dropped her on the way to the scale and when Alec bent over to read the numbers, he asked "which 250 am I supposed to use-the first or the second one?" It started a giggle party, David almost dropped her, again. Never had the scale go to it's limit-never know you could choose a weight either. So Alec had to lift her since it seems her weight plus David were over the scale's limit. We final figured out that couch slug is a little over 70 lbs and it's diet time. But how to you put something on a diet that only eats 1 1/2 cups a day and gets no exercise? Little quandry that we will have to work on this week.

For the record, Frankie is a whopping 35# and actually could loose about a lb. Torch still needs a lb or two. Dove is 28-perfect for her and the LS--20lbs. Still nothing compares to Shaker the monster puppy, sorry Kim, still no idea where he got that gene from.

Weather is great, those that need to loose a little will get a few long walks to the pasture, other then Hope, still no idea how to get her slim and trim.

Later gators....


Frink Lemur said...

A resting dog is very efficient I guess. Jack would get fat on the smallest amount of food. I think we were down to like a third of a cup, of natural balance, a little chum salmon and some peas to maintain his body weight.

Kodi the samoyed's system is rather pickey. Sammies never got that several centuries of being in Europe and getting cattle offal and human food.

He really needs lean and works best on the Natural Balance Venison and rice. Carly-Carla works well on that as well.

GeeRome said...

Hi there Cindy,
Totally not "work related", I love following dog blogs and your beasties are gorgeous! Thanks for all the help with the brindles, looking forward to receiving the samples.