Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Works been crazy lately and somethings wrong with my computer so I haven't been able to post, let alone read comments from anyone. Sorry, it's a pain and been doing so much at home that I haven't had time to post from here either. Joys of technology. Which also means that I haven't had much of a chance to take any photos either.

Today is a photo of Torch. We were growing him out to for a show prospect and he has exceeded our expectations. He's sweet, charming, moves beautifully and solid. In solid I not only mean great structure but also his temperament. Loves kids, other dogs, adults, anyone and anything. And if you notice, he's got a striking look about him too. He is perfectly legal on his white markings, hard to tell that he's got red all the way around his eye but yes, legal. Unfortunately, too many judges are turned off by the white to consider him. With the current economy and not wanting to take forever to get his championship, we have decided to place Torch. So if you know anyone looking for a dog that says WOW, eager to do some performance work with him(he's got strong herding instinct), this is the boy. He would also be great at holding down a couch or bedspread as someone's faithful companion.

Until he does find a new home, he's having fun roughhousing with Merlot, going to shows and becoming a wonderful ambassador of the breed.

Later gators.....

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