Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to paws-part 1

This last weekend, I had a really great chance to sit ringside and do some observing on various breeds. One was to watch some that were just new to the AKC in 2008/2009 and the other to watch some AKC rules be completely broken.

First the new breeds-wow! Dogues De Bordeaux, which is the same as the dog made famous in the Turner and Hooch movies with Tom Hanks. They are soooo cool. Not that I would ever have one, made that thought mistake a few years back thinking I could live with a PBGV. Neat to look at, be around but I just don't think I want to live with one. Yes they do drool, similar to a rottie or a newf. The deepness of the red in their color is beautiful and the one I saw this weekend had great movement. Here's the parent club link for anyone interested: http://www.ddbs.org/

Next the Irish Red and White Setters. Again, there was quite a group of them this weekend. I've always admired the ones in the UK and this really set my mind on the breed. Not over done, the furnishings, well for now that is. This dog could walk out of the show ring, into a field and start working right away. They are carring the correct weight too. The personalities are wonderful, especially for a breed that hasn't been show in AKC events for that long.

The last one I got a glance at was the Leonbergers--this is for you Pam!!! One of my puppy owners was previously owned by leo's. Neat neat dogs. All from the same breeder but that's okay. I hope to see more in the future. Big dogs with lots of presence. Pam, you need to send me more pics of your's to post on here.

Okay now on to the rules. I didn't call the super over as I should have, but considering the exhibitor got 3rd out of 3, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. But be assured that I will be watching. Here's the rule:

SECTION 8. The Bred-by-Exhibitor Class shall be for dogs that are:
• Six months of age or older as of the first day of the show;
• Not Champions of record on the date of closing of entries for the show;
• Individually registered with The American Kennel Club as of the date of closing of entries for the show;
• Owned or co-owned by any of the breeders of record as the date of the closing of entries for the show.

The person handling the dog in this class must be a breeder of record and an owner of record of this dog.
In any subsequent classes for which a dog from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class becomes eligible, there are no restrictions as to who may handle.

Okay kids, let's go over this. The dog is entered in the BBE class, that means that the only person eligible to show the dog is the breeder/owner of record. A double check on the catalog tells me that there is only one person who qualified as such and believe you me, that was not the person showing the dog in the ring! Years ago, the AKC allowed a family member of the breeder/owner to show the dog. Not anymore. Actually that rule has been changed for, I think, at least 2 years now.

So here's the scoop---it's in every dog show exhibitors best interest to read the rules. Go to http://www.akc.org/ and get a current copy to download. The show giving club has to provide this information free of charge, so you can pick it up at a show. The excuse, I just didn't know, doesn't fly. When you fill out an entry form, you sign, stating that you agree to abide by the AKC rules and have read them. Now this is coming from a dog show chair, moi, who has to know them.

And here's the last one for ya:


PREFACE: The sport of purebred dog competitive events dates prior to 1884, the year of AKC’s birth. Shared values
of those involved in the sport include principles of sportsmanship. They are practiced in all sectors of our sport:
conformation, performance and companion. Many believe that these principles of sportsmanship are the prime reason
why our sport has thrived for over one hundred years. With the belief that it is useful to periodically articulate the
fundamentals of our sport, this code is presented.
•Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of purebred dogs.
•Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy, and vigorous competition, as well as
winning and losing with grace.
•Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the sport of purebred dogs by injecting
personal advantage or consideration into their decisions or behavior.
•The sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers no other factors.
•The sportsman judge or exhibitor accepts constructive criticism.
•The sportsman exhibitor declines to enter or exhibit under a judge where it might reasonably appear that
the judge’s placements could be based on something other than the merits of the dogs.
•The sportsman exhibitor refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge.
•The sportsman respects the AKC bylaws, rules, regulations and policies governing the sport of purebred dogs.
•Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent and are able to appreciate the merit
of their competition and the effort of competitors.
•Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
•Sportsmen will deal fairly with all those who trade with them.
•Sportsmen are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the strengths and weaknesses of their breeding stock.
•Sportsmen spurn any opportunity to take personal advantage of positions offered or bestowed upon them.
•Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog.
•Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport, the American Kennel Club, or themselves while taking part in the sport.

I just highlighted the one part as it seems that I have been accused of purposely withdrawing(or attempting since the super didn't get the paperwork in time) a dog to break a major, for no reason other then spite. Sorry Charlie-I always consider the welfare of my dogs first and foremost. See, I have this posted on the door in the study, hand it out in my classes that I teach and remind everyone that you shouldn't show unless you behave like a sportsman. Isn't the motto for the AKC, in a simple tone, for the sport of purebred dogs?

There are several other parts of this code that I could go one about, such as those that talk with judges prior to judging then seem to win? Or helping to pick judges then show under them? One reason that I do not participate in the judges selection at our club level. I'm given the list after it's been confirmed and all I do is remind the committee as to their mission. Do you want me to go on? Not really, as I have just as good a post coming up next ;0)

Digest this and let me know your opinion, but just a word to the wise, I have a new copy of the rules in my show box and well, plan on reading it again as well as having it with me ringside, then next time I am observing.

Later gators....

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