Friday, January 30, 2009

Rainbow bridge

Today I write about the loss of a good and reliable friend, no not my sanity and no not one of the dogs(yet) but my cherished carpet cleaner. Yes indeed, I killed it. Motor finally gave out and well, it had a long and productive life.

Fairwell good friend.

PS-it's already been replaced. With a certain puppy and teenager dogs in the house plus the hormone crew and a very incontinent oldie but goodie dog, we couldn't be with out it long. Next year-carpets going and tile comes in.

Later gators....


dreameyce said...

*wipes brow* You scared me there!

RIP carpet cleaner. May you enjoy your rest, cleaning up all those dog spots in the sky!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Ah yes, when the beloved and essential appliances bite the dust it a day to remember. Let's see I finally have a vacuum cleaner that has lasted longer than a yr. (Dyson in the basement 3 yrs old.) But I did manage to burn up 2 Spot Bots in a year before moving to the house with wood floors. Hey speaking of which I have a perfectly good Spot Bot if anyone is interested.

Traci said...

I'm curious... what kind of carpet cleaner went to the bridge, and what did you replace it with? I have one that I'm not very happy with... :(