Monday, January 12, 2009

Next holiday

Didn't take long, did it? Walking through Walmart and yeap, the valentines are out, the chocolate prominately displayed and I think I might have seen some St Pats and Easter stuff creeping in. At what point did we become a society that couldn't wait?

We just took down the Christmas tree last night. Ornaments in their boxes, garland off the cabinets in the kitchen. Scoured the house for the knick knacks in all the corners and creaves. We waited as long as we could, but you know a live tree can only hang out in the house for so long. So this morning it's vacuum the needles up, I'll be picking them out of the furniture and carpets for another month yet. Tote the boxes down stairs and store in the back of the basement. Sigh, why did it come and go so fast.

But that's okay, there's only 346 shopping days left till Christmas!

Off to get the Ms at school, wouldn't you know it, Blizzard warnings today? Heehee, 17 years ago, the weather was almost exactly the same! Warm weather the week before, gave us a gorgeous day to get married on, then held off the winter storm so that we could fly to the east coast to honeymoon for a week. 17 years, can you believe that? In a day and age of instant, want it now and throw away as soon as it's gotten old, we've managed pretty darn well. Heck we even made it out to dinner on Saturday. That's a milestone in itself-homebodies that we are, we usually just get a pizza and a movie and cuddle on the couch, or fall asleep ;0) Hugs and kisses to my best friend in the world-Happy Anniversay!

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Happy Anniversay Cindy and David. May the coming years be a blessed as the first 17! Kim

Sherilyn said...

Happy Anniversary Cindy & David! May you have another 50+ years of happiness!

Rus & Sherilyn