Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ah, heat wave!

It's a balmy 30 degrees here, based on the barn themometer. Birds are all over the place searching for tidbits, horses are laying around in the snow, getting some rays and the furnace isn't coming on near as often as it did last week. Took some photos of the lazy heat wave residents. This is Glory, Torey and Laredo soaking up the rays
Torey going "OOPS, Can't let them see me laying down on the job!"
Meredith's "pony", Phoenix, Rosie and Toast. She's not really a pony, but the smallest equine in the pasture so that's her nickname.
For those of you who haven't met our newest resident, this is Toast. He's hanging out here until spring when he can go back to Mom and Dad's. This shows his missing right eye that was removed due to cancer. He's no worse the wear and a very big baby if you ask me.
And last but never least, my 30 yr old baby, Moo. Not bad for an old horse, is he?
Later gators.....

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