Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh no....

Snow! Yeapers, even with our friends up north having had a few inches here and there already, we have been able to avoid it as well as avoiding the ice too. But can't hold back old man winter any longer. About 3 inches here, all wet and great for snow men or ladies, snow horses and of course when the snow man falls, turn him into a snow fort.

The dogs hate to come in from it all. I love to watch Clairee roll and groan, making doggie angels. And of course it was the kid's first snow. Dove ran out, screaching halt-if you can call it that with only 3 legs, and barked at it. And barked and barked and barked. I don't know about her at all. Then there's the red boys-one thought it was evil and wanted back in right away and the other was ready to rumble. Needless to say after wienie boy got over his inital fright, it was impossible to catch them and get them back in the house.

The horses are less then happy, though they are now getting hay and kind of like that part. Moo has only had his blanket on one day, that's good, but with the weather forecast, I think he's going to be getting it back on soon. Duck house has four walls, one door and two windows in. I had to break the bad news to them though, the wrong door is in the wrong opening and the one opening is in the wrong place. No biggy-we get to shop for a new, er, uh, used door for that side. I'm using old antique doors we have found at a couple of architectual salvage places and they look really cool. Same with the windows and now I get to put up a couple flower boxes this spring to make it look really cool.

Been busy lately, but not as busy as the neighbors. He was out disking until 3am this morning. Lights shining in the bedroom with each sweep of the field. Guess what I did today?? Hung the new curtains-thermal and light blocking ones I found. I foresee darkness tonight!

BTW, these are the cows next door. Max has decided that he and a chosen corgi to remain nameless for now, are the official fence guards and must keep those beasties away. Cows have gotten over it now and stand with in an arms reach of the dogs, which just rubs Max the wrong way. Though I know from experience, if the fence were gone, Max would be running to the door, barking let me in, it's gonna eat me!! Oh and the truck in the photo, is for sale. It's a 65? GMC. Really cool looking, been storing it for my BIL, but his "lease" is up and the craps all gotta go. Call me, I have some good deals available!!!!

Later gators.....


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