Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is in the air

Oh have I been busy. All the decorations are up, the tree is in the stand out in the barn waiting to be brought in and I've been baking. Doesn't do anything for the diet, but oh well, I'm now sick of taste testing so that makes it easier, I guess.

Let's see-magic bars, peanut butter brownies, Uncle Rodger's zucchini bread recipe, pumpkin muffins, angel food cake, and then dog stuff-liver brownies and pumpkin crisps. A batch of Hummie's cookies in the fridge for later, then it's back to making more sugar cookie dough for the annual corgi and collie cut outs. A request for the triple chip cookies has been made. I think then it's on to Um Num's, then another cake. Oh forgot, the Rosettes. We do a lot of Norweign and Dutch recipes, though our family is Scottish, French and Quaker. For the sake of it all, I think some dutch button butter cookies and some Scottish shortbread will have to be added. Lots of goodies to share in Chicago this weekend.

I got Grandma Daisy's Fenton Tree collection out. David said the arrangement with the nativities is the best it's been in years. Thanks to Mom for the needlecraft nativity.

Now it's waiting to see how much icky stuff gets dumped on us tonight with the first "major" winter storm. Freezing rain, rain, ice and between 3-7 inches of snow on top of it. Hoping it doesn't cancel or delay school as Moose is scheduled for his Christmas visit to Indian Creek and his special education kids tomorrow. He's all ready with his jingle collar and antlers.

Stay warm, safe and dry!

Later gators....



Cheryl said...

My cookies are done? Which ones?

Cindy said...

Well, they aren't done yet, resting in the fridge overnight. Where would you like them sent when we finally cook them??


coopercreek said...

Looks yummy!!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh my Cindy those cookies look amazing....I'll be right over!

Cindy said...

I have a large variety to bring to the show this weekend. Any extra requests?? With the chance of no school tomorrow, I will have extra hands to help me out.