Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moose at his best-when is he not?

Today was a first for Moose. Though he's been doing lots and lots of K9Ambassador work, plus working with the therapy dog group and visiting nursing homes and day cares, today he was all on his own. And in his element I might add.

I worked on his vest over the week and got all the patches on. Papers filled the pockets and his ID card was attached to it's clip. Toenails done, quick bath and attempt to get rid of the loose hairs(that's a never ending issue). I pulled out the leash bag, threw some treats in. By now the boy is literally bouncing instead of walking. Tripping me up as I put his vest in the bag, grab the leash and he beats me to the door. Race to the truck, bounce, bounce, bounce-you know he should have been named Tigger not Moose.

As we drive over to the school, he sits eagerly watching out the window. Most times he curls up on the seat or in his crate, but not today, he can feel it's different. We pull into our spot, grab the bag, slip on his vest and away we go. I swear he drug me to the door!

Today we visited with Ms Chelsie and her special education dept at Indian Creek Elementary in Marion. My old school! Most of the kids that we worked with today have some significant disablility, though we did get visits during our time from others who benefit from her class room. The kids are great--the moms and dads should be very proud of them. Now, granted Moose's best trick is roll over and scratch my tummy, but he has a quiet, noninvasive personality that is easy for the kids to associate with.

We entered the room to screams. Not an ear twitch, nor a look back to me, but Moose knew his duty and marched right in. We worked on petting nicely and softly. Many of the boys are grabbers, or pound on things. Didn't phase my boy Moose. Screeching or odd noises-he just ignored. He got lots of hugs from a very cute little pixie of a girl. Gave kisses as needed to many a face and even cleaned out some ears. They got out the tunnel and Moose showed the kids how to go through it, a couple followed him through too. He got lots of belly rubs and didn't mind it a bit if the petting got hard or a pinch was given. They practiced zipping and unzipping his vest pockets and counted his stripes.

45 mins flew by so fast, but it was time for some of the kids to go to music, or to go to science class. Once I was up, leash back on Moose, well he too knew it was time to go. A wave of his tail and his jingling collar with all it's tags got a quick shake to right itself, out the door we went. He got lots of oohs and ahhhs from kids in the halls, pets by the staff and a well deserved, good boy from me. One last stop for a photo out front and we loaded in the truck to head home. Right now he's curled up on the couch snoring. Time to recharge from a hard day's work as a therapy dog.

Before our next visit, we will be learning some games that the kids can help us with-fetching, shaking hands, giving five. Going to try to ne a little more interactive with the kids, but today, just getting belly rubs, soft pets and kisses was a good way to start.

Here's another atta boy to add to his list--what can I say? He's by far the most perfect dog, even more so, the most perfect cardigan around. Well at least he is to me.

Hugs and kisses to my heart boy--Moose.

Later gators....



Anonymous said...

What a great service the therapy work is -- and so fulfilling. I'm glad you make the time to share your boy.

Sherilyn said...

Atta boy, Moosie!! :)

Hugs and kisses from all of us at Winjammin', even your buddy Boo! Love ya Big Man!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Hey my man Moose! You Rock buddy! Keep up the outstanding work. Kim, Kathy and Nick

PS Want to come for a visit at the Gibson Ranch--you can visit some really great special class rooms? kbg

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled into your blog and what do I see? A corgi! Reminds me of little Mittens, who joined my family when I was around four or five, and sadly left us when I was seventeen or eighteen....A good little doggie she was, even if she woofed a lot.....