Thursday, November 6, 2008

All clear, sort of

I am pleased to report that the Ms has recieved a clean bill of health from the Orthopaedic Clinic at the UIHC. Dr Mendoza was happy with the healing though she has a large bump. It didn't go back together like he wanted but it's got a nice callous started and as she grows it will smooth out.

No contact sports for another 4 weeks, bummer, she's doing volleyball in PE class. And yes he considered elementary volleyball a contact sport. She's been cleared to show dogs, including lifting the boys up on the table. No more sling and just some simple exercises to help strengthen her shoulder-which has been idle for about 6 weeks now.

Can't thank the UIHC more for patching her up as well as they did. We don't have to go back for any more appointments unless something happens, which I am praying doesn't. The only visits she will make are with her boys on therapy dog visits!!

Later gators.....


Winjammin' said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Way o go Ms. M!!! Now we get to really put you to work ;o)

Big hugs from all of us and the 4 legged ones. Chunky misses you!

Jinnie said...

Glad the Kid is back.

Sherilyn said...

That is awesome news!! What a relief to have our girl back to as normal as we all get! ;) It will be great to have her back in the ring!

Hugs to all!


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

That is absolutely fantastic!!!!! Big hugs to all!

Love, Kim