Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why is he using a heating pad?

Here's the rest of the story on the need for heating pad while sleeping. The loafing shed area had become ugly last winter-all the rain, snow, wind and well horse deposits. When you have large horses with lots of feathering on their feet, well, it's a recipe for a horrible mess.

So the solution-lots of gravel followed by a nice long stall mat. Dad brought over a semi load of gravel this weekend. David's been shoveling, wheel barrowing and raking it into the barn. Yes a skidloader might work faster but we can't get it into a couple areas of the barn. As you can see the horses are already testing out the new surface. The stall mat will get installed this next weekend after they have some time to pack down the surface and we can add more gravel where needed. Might I add, the stall mat was free. We have a local conveyor belt manufacturer here and you can get "remenants" from them. This one is heavy, thick and will fit perfectly into the loafing shed. Next time we go there, we will be getting stuff for the kennel floors and grooming room!

Later gators....

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