Thursday, October 9, 2008


What a day. Spent the entire gorgeous fall day playing games in a maze called University of Iowa Hospital and Clincs, home of the Iowa Children's Hospital. I'm so glad that we have access to a medical facility of it's caliber in our area. Especially when it's your own child that needs their help. But please, could someone consider laying it out in a simpler manner? Labyrinth it is.

So it's been two weeks since I crashed the burb and we started this odyssey of healing. I'm good for the most part. Going to have my right knee looked at in a few weeks if I continue to have that bone jarring pain when I walk, but nothing compared to the Ms. On Tuesday she had her stitches in her neck removed and it looks good. She laughs and says she could play Frankenstein and not need makeup on her neck. Yes her wicked sense of humor is back and overflowing. Yesterday we embarked on a trek to the UIHC.

First it's neuropsych. Just wanted to make sure that she isn't suffering from PCS like her dad(5 years now*#$&#*$&) 2 hours of testing. David and I took a nice stroll to the main hospital and got a cup of tea. Now for those of you who have never been down to this campus, it really is a campus. Walk out the front doors and into Kinnick Stadium-yes that's right football headquarters for the Hawks. Disability and Development Clinic is off to the west of the main hospital. Parking is a nightmare to say the least. Back to testing---yes 2 hours for them to say-you have an intelligent daughter. Duh, could have told them that and saved ourselves a trip. So no side effects, she's cleared on that front.

With a couple hours to spare, we did some errands. Duck food, new duckie slippers(they are the cutest btw) and a wander through Leash on Life. It's a really small but fully packed dog and cat store. Eddie, who has eaten his collar, got a new Lupine one. And yes his old one was a Lupine and yes it is in route to the company for replacement. Sidetrack here and plug. Lupine collars, leashes, harnesses are all guaranteed for life. Chewed, lost, ripped, doesn't matter. You have a piece of it left and they will send you a new collar. Done it 5 times now over the years. Eddie decided during this whole time frame of chaos to chew his up. Oh well, best investment I make with my dogs besides microchips.

Back to UIHC, this time we have to find elevator "I". Now supposedly if you follow along the main hallway the elevators are all listed alphabetically. But "I" is at the end of the hall, a long walk from the main entrance. PappaJohn Pavillion. Then they send us down to the LL(lower level, basement what ever, it's underground). Fill out forms, go to this clinic, then this hallway, turn left, then right, spin a 360, doo-cee-doo your partner. Personally I was lost but thank GOD for signs. We got in and out of there in record time. She's got exercises to start in a few weeks, sling to wear for at least 4, though in 2 weeks she has to start leaving it off at home. The dr seeing us has a 10 yr old daughter too. Rides horses too. Nope, no horses for a time. BUT for all of you wondering about dog shows??????? We go back in November for another appointment but he feels that she will be cleared to show by December and...... will be able to show Moose or Eddie!!!

After a long day, we finally made it back to the truck. Time for haircuts. Neither of us looked like we had had one for months. And I need to thank the girls at Cost Cutters Marion, who did a great job on both our cuts but also threw in a shampoo and dry for the Ms and got all that ointment and junk out of her hair. Does a body good for a little pampering.

At least the next appointment will be short and sweet. She can get a full day of school in and I can get at least a partial day of work in. Crossing fingers that she gets the green light to lift her best buddies on the table again!

Later gators....


Jinnie said...

Glad to hear for the most part everyone is healing. I work for a major ins. company in auto claims and there are so many small accident that cause major health issues, I'm happy your major accident ended in minor health problems (if anything to a 10 year old is minor). I'm sure she will be back in the ring soon and if you have to lift a dog on the table once in awhile so what :-)

Winjammin' said...

Glad to hear that the checkup went so well...maze or no maze. Can't wait to see the ringer back in the ring, kicking butt and taking names. :o)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

I'm doing a happy dance in the kitchen! Can't wait to see the kid again!

Cindy said...

Should have seen the frown(no monkey bars till next spring) turn to a grin when he said he thought she would be able to lift a dog by December!

I'll take miracles in any shape, size or form.