Monday, October 6, 2008

Indian Summer

WOW-it's 78 degrees here today. After a weekend of 50's and 60's it's very much welcome. Though the forecast for tonight is thunderstorms, I'm not too worried. We need some rain, not a lot but some.

Looked up the term for Indian Summer-a stretch of warm days after the first frost, but usually in November? Even though we didn't have a hard frost last week, we did have enough to wilt the morning glories and hibiscus. In town it didn't get as cold. Once again, the joy of being out in the country-it's always hotter or colder then in town. More rain, more snow, more wind and more ice. I have the camera ready to get some good sunset photos tonight. I love autumn photos, the color range is amazing.

Hopeful I will also have time tonight to fix some agility equipment. Seems dogs racing around the yard at Mach 10, then leaping off the teeter, can cause it to bounce and glue joints to come undone. Also doesn't help that it's usually 3-4 dogs on it instead of one as per instructions. Same goes for the tunnel, it's a cheap kids one at that, but time for repair or replace. Collies are not meant to fit in that one and I am sure the capacity load is one, not five cardigans at a time?

This is the time of the year when I seriously wish I still had an outside job. Opening my window helps but man, I tend to daydream more then work. Sent the Ms to school with her shorts and tshirt, worried she would get cold. Nope, she had the day better planned then I. Oh well, shows you that grownups aren't always right.

Leaves are dropping all over the place. Nothing pretty yet though. Hoping that when we take our road trip this weekend up north that it will be worth it. Otherwise, I might just have to plan one for the next weekend too ;0)

Later gators....

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